It seems like this summer 2019, we won't be able to stop looking at the latest nail trends and nail art designs. Since the weather started getting warmer, we started looking at everything that has to do with nails, because let's admit it...we all tend to be a little lazy with our nails and toenails in the colder months. From bright colors, chrome, metallics to classic red and nudes...we lost track of what to pick.

With nail art especially, it is a never ending case of creativity, reimagining of old designs and trying to simplify nail art for beginners. Leopard print nail art can seem very intimidating and hard to many people. However, when we came across this leopard print nail art tutorial by Paulina's Passions, we were shocked by how simple it actually is, with minimal need of skill or practice. The tools you need are only a dotting tool and thin nail brush. Just follow the tutorial and brush stroke and we're sure that you can, literally, nail it by the third finger. 

Main Image & Video Credits: Instagram @paulinaspassions