The picture above caught my eye on Instagram. Why? Well because I'm not a nail art gal at all. I can appreciate it on other people but it doesn't really interest me as something I can get for myself, especially because I spent decades biting them to oblivion. So when I saw these nails with pearls, it really was an 'Oh' moment. 

It's safe to say that in the age of Instagram, our taste in fashion, beauty and lifestyle is strongly influenced by our feed. Looking at all these pictures all day, you start wanting to test out these really cool-looking trends. So I must confess Instagram has done the impossible: made me want to try pearl nail art. 

Now I can't make any promises, I'm not sure if this is a spur of the moment thing or if my love for it will grow. However, as an Avant-garde makeup fanatic this appealed to me in the that sense, it reminded me of the runway beauty looks embellished with pearls, so why not think about a more artistic take on my nails. 

Take a look for yourself at some pearl nail art designs and tell me if you might be joining me to the nail salon.