5 Leave-In Conditioners That Will Keep Curls Healthy-Looking All Summer

Fustany Team
5/9/19, 12:00 AM

Leave-in conditioners are a very important part of your hair routine, they are literally a lifesaver. A leave-in conditioner is basically a moisturizing product that you apply to your hair after you wash it while it’s still wet. It adds and locks in the moisture in your hair to keep it hydrated and minimize frizz and dryness.

Curly hair needs it a lot more than other hair types because it's more likely to get dry and frizzy. If you usually skip this step, you might want to starting using leave-in conditioners in the summer because it’s when your curly hair loses moisture the most. Here are five leave-in conditioner recommendations for when you go hair-product shopping next time.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @saraholiveirablog


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