Hairstyles You Should Avoid to Protect Your Hair from Falling

Mai Atef
5/2/19, 12:00 AM

Many girls/women suffer from hair fall no matter how much they follow haircare routines religiously to keep it healthy. If you are one of them, here is something you might not know to be the cause for your hair fall; your hairstyle. You might not know that there are some hairstyles, no matter how chic and perfect they look, that are probably better to stir clear of.  They could be very damaging to your hair. We did the research for you and listed below the 5 hairstyles you should avoid to protect your hair from hair loss.

The sleek ponytail

This is one of the main hairstyles guilty of making your hair more prone to hair fall. It's because sleek ponytails require you to pull your hair back very tightly which weakens the follicles. Also, one of the side effects of repeatedly styling your hair into sleek ponytails is a retreating hairline.


The ballerina bun

Whether you love to rock it at home, hang out with friends in the morning, or go for a elegant look in the evening we can't deny how versatile the bun is and that every girl loves it. However, it is one of the top hairstyles that could cause hair fall if you pull your hair too much.

Braids and Cornrows

If you already feel like your hair is falling out, you should definitely avoid braids and cornrows. As we mentioned before, hairstyles that need you to pull your hair tightly weakens your hair and scalp. Braids are a main culprit. So, instead try and go for looser/messier braids for healthier hair.


The tight up-dos

Up-dos are pretty much up there on the list of hairstyles that damage your hair and cause hair fall. The reason being that it requires the hairdresser to brush your hair in the opposite direction in order to create volume. They also tend to use a million hairpins to keep the up-do in place which also weakens the scalp on the long run. Up-dos are awesome if you do it once in a blue moon, but too much of it is way too harmful for your hair.

The doobie wrap

Curly haired women all over the world are very familiar with the doobie wrap (where you wrap your hair around your head while it's damp to straighten it naturally)...but do you know that it can be a primary cause for hair fall? Making a doobie wrap requires parting your hair and wrapping each section tightly in opposite directions around your head, which is exactly how hair follicles get weaker and start to fall.  It will be hard to treat your hair if you continue styling your hair in a doobie wrap.


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