I used to have a sensitive scalp for a long time, and not knowing how to treat it always caused me hair loss. I kept researching and trying everything till I found out a magical 7 step routine that helped me out with my sensitive scalp problems.

Recently, I was talking with a group of friends when I discovered that many of them suffer from the same issue which made me decide that I should share the secrets to keep your scalp healthy and nourished despite its sensitivity. Follow these 7 steps and thank me later!

1. Massage your scalp weekly using scented oils such as mint, lemon or tea tree oil and follow these steps:

- Warm the oil.

- Dip your finger tips in the oil and softly massage your scalp for 20 minutes.

- Leave your scalp to soaked up the oil for 30 mins.

- Wash your hair.

2. Daily massage your scalp for 5 minutes to always renew and increase the blood circulation reaching your scalp and hair follicles.

3. Make sure to eat food rich in zinc, iron, protein and vitamins needed to nourish your hair with the elements essential for strengthening it.

4. Drink enough water. Water will keep away dry hair.

5. Some vitamins such as vitamin D, A and B-3 help in strengthening the scalp so make sure you include them in your everyday diet.

6. Avoid using the hair dryer, and if you have to use it, make sure it isn't near your scalp to avoid weakening your hair follicles or causing hair fall.

7. Consider using a soft comb and make sure to comb your hair starting from the scalp till the hair endings. By such, you will avoid hair tangles that may be so annoying for a sensitive scalp. This will also maintain a healthy hair and proper blood circulation.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @nouraridaofficial