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A Guide for New York Street Fashion and Style: How to Get the Look

Mai Atef
12/31/20, 12:00 AM

New York street style is a favorite among many and is very popular and inspiring for people around the world. New York is a very diverse and rich city, and when Emily In Paris became the main talk on social media, many people started comparing American and Parisian fashion. Which inspired us to dedicated pieces talking about both. Starting with New York style clothing and how to dress like a New York woman

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As I mentioned, New York street style is really diverse reflecting the city's nature, but there are 2 significant types: 

The first being the comfortable casual unisex style;think Yeezy and Off-white. 

The second one is Manhattan chic; elegant, contemporary, luxurious, but unique, think Gossip Girl, socialites and fashion influencers like Olivia Palermo. 

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New York Casual Street Style

Comfortable Outfits

casual New York street style outfit ideas

One of the most popular and common things seen with New York street style is comfort. Easy effortless looks that can be work anywhere for their practicality and diverseness. Easy to move, walk in and look good in. Even if they have a touch of something simple and unique, the base is comfy easy breezy.

Athleisure and Sportswear

casual New York street style outfit ideas

One of the first things that comes to mind when you think of New York style. A choice for many and woman that has become a fashion statement of its own and influenced many all over the world. We're talking leggings, sweats, hoodies and killer statement sneakers. Also, remember oversized and comfortable.

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Expressing your personality

casual New York street style outfit ideas

For a lot of people fashion is a form of self expression and with New York being of the fashion capitols in the world, it is only natural to see so many different people with different styles and creative forms of expression. Whether it's minimal or bold, neutral or colored, practical or adventurous, it's all about expressing your mood or how you are with what you wear.

Unisex Fashion

casual New York street style outfit ideas

It's about choosing simple casual or classic pieces for a daily look and making it your own. Things like sportswear are already very unisex, but don't limit yourself think of also button ups, denim, blazers and so on...Don't forget to accessorize.

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Sports shoes and Sneakers

casual New York street style outfit ideas

Comfort comes in again with another New York street wear classic that has developed and changed over the years. Sneakers and sports shoes. They're another way a bold statement can be made in an outfit without compromising comfort.

New York Chic Street Style

Wearing the latest trends

new york outfit ideas

New York street style stars are always in touch with the latest trends right off the runway. Choosing trending high fashion pieces and styling it to make it your own is a big part of it. Recently some of the biggest trends have been bold colors and statement boots.

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A look full of femininity

new york outfit ideas

Adding a feminine touch to your look is another very New York woman things. Like wearing a very casual outfit and adding something sexy to it. Sexy pieces and looks are definitely a big part of it. Like beautiful corseted or short dresses to highlight curves.

High heels are a favorite

new york outfit ideas

A lot of New York women don't shy away from a heel, even with all the walking. Heels instantly lift a look up to sophistication and it's a perfect way to rock a New York boss woman look, with classic chic or even simple casual outfits.

Choose clothes in bright shades

new york outfit ideas

Statement, bold and captivating looks are no strangers to the streets of New York. One way to do that is with bright colored pieces and color blocking outfits. There's also wearing a monochrome or neutral outfit and adding to it a pop of color with an accessory.

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Choose a bold look

new york outfit ideas

A New York street style star is liberal and unconstrained. She's not afraid to go big and choose an unconventional unique piece to rock on a weekday, even. Think Carrie Bradshaw. Even with casual pieces, there can always be a touch exciting flair.

Creative Styling

new york outfit ideas

The creativity can often be seen through fashion and styling choices. Don't be afraid to wear things together that seem unconventional and unseen before. Sometimes it works and it works really well when it's worn with absolute confidence. Wear colors together, patterns together and textures together. Get inspired and learn from these talented street style stars.

A bold necklace

new york outfit ideas

Bold necklaces are such a smart, necessary and easy piece, when looking to elevate an outfit and make it more special. Big chunky necklace trends have come and go throughout the years, but there seems to have always been a rendition of them somewhere in every season.


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