Leather Jackets, tops, pants, skirts and accessories have always been admired for how much they add edge and coolness to any simple outfit. They're an instant upgrade to any outfit and undoubtedly chic. Hijab fashion has been exceptionally cool and chic and we've been so inspired by Hijabi bloggers and their ability to add incredible creative touches to their outfits, especially when its comes to styling leather with hijab

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Some women might find it hard to wear Hijab with leather clothing and make the outfit look cohesive but we found 4 simple and gorgeous ways to add leather pieces to your Hijab outfit.

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1. The Leather Jacket


The most popular form of styling leather is the classic and timeless leather jacket. Styling a leather jacket with your Hijab is so easy and so versatile. It instantly adds that cool girl vibe and you can pick from different style and fits to see which one is more you. 

2. Leather top or dress


A very popular trend right not and pieces like this are in all the high street stores. You can wear a cool and also very chic leather button up top like these, leaving it open or closed depending on your look. These look great with skirts and wide legged pants, just make sure the fits balance each other out. Also you can make styling easy for yourself and go for a beautiful leather dress and don't be afraid to try out different colors. 

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3. Accessories 


If leather clothing is not your thing, never forget the power of leather accessories. Belts are completely transformative to outfits and a leather boot is staple that we know will never leave stores until the world ends. 

4. Pants/Skirts


You can go bold and go for the unconventional, yet undeniably chic pleated leather skirt, there are endless ways to style this with your hijab. Leather pants are also so cool and playful and for modest wearers throw on a baggy shirt or jumper and you've got yourself a walking runway outfit. 

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