Who doesn't love a printed winter scarf? And who doesn't love a blanket scarf to cosy up in and keep warm in winter. Well we know you do, because you told us you wanted to see ways to wear a blanket scarf and how to style a printed winter scarf in different ways.

So let's talk about the different ways to wear a blanket scarf and style your outfits with its prints:

How to wear a blanket scarf with a belt


When it comes to wearing your printed scarf with a belt, there are so many different directions you can go. It's a big scarf, so it gives you space to wrap it in different ways. You can straighten in out in a rectangle shape or you can effortlessly drape it and have it hang on one shoulder underneath your belt. You can also wrap it all around your body like a poncho and tie your belt at the waist.

How to wear an animal printed winter scarf


With a nice animal print, which is really trending by the way, we love pairing it with a solid colored sweater or neutral outfit. It looks amazing with a bright colored outfit. This is also a great option for those not too comfortable with prints and looking to slowly start adding a touch of something here and there.

Different Ways to wrap a blanket scarf


If you're wondering how you should wrap or tie a blanket scarf...you can always go for the basic scarf wrap on the far right, you can never go wrong with it and it's very warming. The option in the middle is also loved by street style stars if you're looking for your scarf to be the statement of your outfit. There's also the very fun and cosy bow wrap that would go perfectly with a nice neutral colored oversized coat.

Wearing a blanket scarf like a poncho


There's also the very chic poncho-like wrap. This is amazing with printed scarves, because it's an effortless way to get a chic, high fashion look. It's also very comfy and you can wear over jeans and a sweater or even over your coat.

How to style a checked blanket scarf


Checked blanket scarves are the number one item in most high street stores. They're cute, colorful and a nice bright addition to any simple winter outfit. We think an awesome way to style these is wearing them with a clothing item of the same color as one of its boxes or shades. It will tie in the outfit together very nicely.

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