There is no doubt that every girl is keen on having a hair color and hairstyle that suits her face shape and skin tone as well. Fall hair colors are beautiful, that's why most of us tend to take our fall hair color and extend it all the way to winter. A fall hair color trend that seems to stay popular year after year is copper hair color in all its different shades. 

You might this color is too loud or that it won't suit you, we're here to tell you that luckily, this specific color has more than one shade that can suit anyone, with the help of finding what compliments the skin tone. You can brighten or darken the shade or choose an undertone that is golden or pinkish...

1. Golden Copper Hair Color Shade

For girls with yellow undertones, this is the most perfect copper hair shade for you. The golden hues create a beautiful harmony with the skin.


2. Orange Copper Hair Color Shade

A lot of people doubt that bright orange hair could suit a lot of people. However, it is known to be very flattering on those with neutral skin undertones. 


3. Rose Gold/Pink Copper Hair Color Shade

This shade is most suitable for people tanned skin because it makes the color pop, creating a beautiful contrast. The rose gold undertones in this copper shade are striking and really flattering.  


4.  Red Copper Hair Color Shade

This beautiful copper shade is great because it's deep, yet simple and chic. This suits very fair people, think Emma Stone, because of the beautiful contrast it gives with the fair skin. On people with olive skin, this copper hair shade is stunning because it brings out the beautiful undertones in their skin. 


5. Brown Copper Hair Color Shade

This hair color really bring out green, blue or hazel eyes. This hair shade really suits anyone who has warm or rosey undertones in their skin.


Main image credits @maddiegreer