Gold accessories are literally everywhere. You might have seen how trendy they are now, but have you asked yourself which accessory color actually best suits you?

How many times have you witnessed two celebrities, for instance, wearing the same accessory, but it actually complements one over the other? That actually has an explanation. Today, we've brought you a condensed guide on how to pick the accessory that matches your skin color the most. Here is each skin tone and what is best for it:

1. Fair skin with pinkish tones

People with this skin color should stay away from gold shades that have redness in them. Silver or white gold best matches this skin color.


2. Pale white skin

This skin tone can wear silver or white gold. These choices will make her skin glow. A girl with this skin color should stay away from big designs.

3. Olive tanned skin

A girl with that skin tone is a lucky one! This is because her skin tone matches almost all accessory colors and sizes! She can go for a huge gold statement pair of gold earrings, or pick a minimal silver necklace!


4. Medium tanned skin

A girl with that skin tone should stay away from copper accessories. Other than that, she can wear whatever accessory she wishes.

5. Skin with yellow undertones such as Asian skin

It is highly recommended that people with yellow undertones such as Asian skin shades to wear rose gold accessories. Classical models and designs also suit them the most.

All image credits: Instagram @nataliesole