Here's How All of This Fall's Trendy Lipsticks Can Match Your Skin Tone

Salma Khattab
10/11/18, 12:00 AM

You probably heard of the trendy fall 2019 shades of lipsticks, however, you might have been told that not any of the trending colors can match you. Well, we're here to tell you that's not true! You can actually wear any lipstick color of this fall because it's all about picking the right shade for you. So, follow up to know which shade of every trends lipstick you need to have since it all depends on your skin color!

1. Red Lipsticks:

- Fair skin: Cherry reds are the best for this skin color since it pops the lips out and creates a huge contrast whether the skin undertone is cold or neutral.

- Medium skin: Almost all red lipstick shades suit you if you have a lighter skin. However, the brightest reds that tend to have orange tints in them are the perfect and unique match for you, since they rarely suit any skin tone!

- Tan skin: Deep ombre red lips are the perfect choice for this skin shade, approved by the most popular makeup artists and bloggers world wide.

- Deep skin: Unlike what many people may think, bright strawberry-red is perfectly suitable for a dark skin color. It's also better and more trendy if the lipstick is glossy/creamy.

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2. Purple Lipsticks:

- Fair skin: Purples that tend to have a tint of hot pink in them are the best match for your lips if you have fair skin.

- Medium skin: Pale pinkish purple is the suitable shade for fall 2018 for medium skin since it calms down the olive undertone but at the same time adds a glimpse of pink/red if you have a cold undertone.

- Tan skin: Bright purples are almost made for people with tanned skin! They make the skin tone beautifully stand out.

- Deep skin: Purple that have a slight neon vibes are the best for dark skin lips. They magically pop up the lips creating harmony and contrast at the same time!


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3. Brown Lipsticks:

- Fair skin: Brown shades having orange undertones are the best when it comes to matching a fair skin color. It kind of warms up the coldness in their skin undertone creating an eye-relaxing contrast.

- Medium skin: Dusty brown shades that have grayish tints perfectly match this skin tone creating the contrast needed to define the face colors.

- Tan skin: Brown shades with peachy/reddish undertones are perfect for this skin color. Also chocolate-y shades fit so well with tanned skin.

- Deep skin: Beige lipsticks are perfect for the deeper skin tones especially if it adds glossiness to the lips!


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