Ear cuffs are a very specific piece of jewelry, their versatility may be doubted by a lot of people, but we think you can actually wear them in different ways, for different occasions, and there could even be hacks of places you can wear them, other than you ears. Let's take a look at how to wear ear cuffs or cuff earrings and some interesting ear cuff hacks

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You don't need piercings to layer them

How to style ear cuffs

One of the best things about them in my opinion is that you don't actually need a piercing to wear them, especially since some of us don't have multiple piercings, but would love to layer. A lot of them are sold and made to be worn as literally cuffing the area above the ear lobe, like these pics here. 

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Ear cuffs can be an incredible statement

How to style ear cuffs

I mean look at these. They literally look like art pieces. You can wear stunning statement ear cuffs like these as the main statement in your outfit. You can even do the mismatching trend and wear a different or simpler earring on the other side. 

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Chic ear cuffs for an evening look

How to style ear cuffs

They can be incredibly chic and beautiful with an evening gown. Don't be afraid of trying out something different for your next evening look and try ear cuffs instead. You can got for something sparkly like these.

Try them on different part of the ears

How to style ear cuffs

This image I found on Pinterest really inspired me to think of playing around with ear cuffs. The piece might be shown to be worn on a specific part of the ear or along the ear lobe, but why not test out wearing in differently, like flipping it or hanging it onto the top part of your ear. 

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Wear ear cuffs as brooch!

How to style ear cuffs

I know these pictures are showing actual brooches, but don't they look similar to some of the ear cuffs out there?! So why not take your earrings and pin them to your clothes. It will depend on what your cuff earrings look like of course, but for example, the ones that dangle can be worn as a collar brooch like the second picture here. 

Blazer Cufflink

How to style ear cuffs

This would also work with earrings in general. It's all about the styling and you can pin it closed on the other side with a wide earring fastening. I love this idea for a unique added touch that is unexpected and cool..