I never buy clutches. Why? I really don't know why, considering I love how they look. I guess I just get lazy and would rather invest in something I'll wear as often as possible. And so this leads me to often reach out for shoulder bags and crossbody bags for my evening wear looks. And they work really well, it's all about your choice, how you carry it and bring the look together. So, let's see a couple of ideas and styling tips for evening shoulder bags

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Black leather shoulder bag 

how to style evening shoulder bags

You can't go wrong with a black leather bag, especially if it's a chic one like these. Don't got for something too big and it's better if it has some gold and silver details for an added touch of glamour.

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Gold details

evening shoulder bags

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If your bag has a gold chain and gold details, it will look so great with warm toned dresses or outfits. Also try to accessories with gold jewelry so the look can come together really nicely.

Balance with sparkle 

how to style evening shoulder bags

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If your dress is sparkly for a muted bag, like this classic satin baguette. But if your dress or look is simple and muted, you can take it to the next level with a great shoulder bag full of detail and sparkle. 

How to hold a crossbody bag for evening wear

evening shoulder bags

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You can definitely wear your crossbody bag on your shoulder for an evening look. However, for those looking for a more unique look or you want to hold your bag more like a clutch for the evening, you can hold the chains like you see here or you can even wrap it around your fingers. 

Matching your bag to your look

how to style evening shoulder bags

Matching a bag to an outfit is often seen as outdated, but when done right it can look really great, interesting and chic. If you don't want to match things too much, like with the material itself, you can wear a bag that has colors of the same essence as your look. 

Main Image Credits: The Viva Luxury