Every year, we share with you the season's latest fashion trends. Spring is just around the corner and so it's the perfect time to start talking about the spring/summer 2021 fashion trends. We didn't want to overwhelm you with so much information, so we kept it short and straight to the point with some of the coolest and standout 2021 trends in fashion for spring and summer. Let's take a look.

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Spring and summer fashion trends in 2021:

Stripes are back!

spring/summer 2021 fashion trends

Today stripes are making a strong comeback. Horizontal, vertical, suits, dresses, shirts, skirts, everything. Enjoy stripes and get creative this season with how you style them.

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Active wear takes over spring/summer 2021 trends

spring/summer 2021 fashion trends

As you know, over the past couple of years, sportswear became no longer restricted to the gym and working out. Everyone loves wearing them out and about and styling cool, statement athleisure outfits. You can even style activewear with chic pants or a lace top.

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Micro and mini skirts are a big highlight this spring and summer

spring/summer 2021 fashion trends

If you like short skirts, then you'll be happy to see many options in stores very soon because they're in for spring/summer 2021. They're sexy, feminine and are extremely fun to wear and style.

Cut-outs trend for spring/summer 2021

spring/summer 2021 fashion trends

The cut-out trend has taken over everything this year, from dresses to blouses and even sleeves. Designers made sure to showcase it in really different ways this year. It's an addition that gives a very interesting touch to any piece and we love it.

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Patterned and floral dresses for spring/summer 2021

spring/summer 2021 fashion trends

Patterns and prints are really popular with dresses this year, especially with florals which came in the form of both patterns and really cool prints. They give such a nice boost of vibrancy and a great welcome to spring.

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Shoe trends in spring/summer 2021

This year wasn't too different than before. Slippers and slides are really popular in all different styles, from faux fur ones to braided designs.

spring/summer 2021 fashion trends

Chic flip flops and thong sandals were also very popular, some with even 5 toe placements. They also came in heels, glamorous, interesting designs and were even worn with tights.

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spring/summer 2021 fashion trends

Of course, the Spring Summer 2021 trends are not just limited to those we mentioned, there are many more. These are just some of the standout highlights. We also want to always remind you to try things out and choose what you love and feel confident in, it's never a must to follow all the trends. Just play around, have fun and wear what you love!

Images Credits: Vogue UK