You voted to see how to wear pink and brown together...We're excited about this one because this is a color pairing that might not come to mind, but is actually very interesting and wearable. Also earthy tones and fuchsia are trending this year, so you are right on track. Also we gotta say, the queen of color blocking Blair Eadie gave us so much inspiration when it came to these 2 colors. Let's check out some pink and brown outfit combinations...

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Why pink?

Pink screams fun, flirty, exciting and liveliness. It's also feminine and girly. It's loud but shows confidence and boldness. It's not for the fainthearted, but those who love it, really really love it!

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And why brown?

I think brown is a staple in every wardrobe. Not only does it go with practically anything and every color, it is the epitome of subtle chicness and classic looks that are still modern and cool. It's also calm, subtle but sophisticated and can be very interesting. There are also endless shades of brown, so the options are limitless. 

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A casual look


For your everyday looks, there's nothing like a hoodie and sneakers. But let's make it more interesting. A camel coat is easy to find and wear. But, how about having a pink hoodie underneath. You can even wear that pink bag that you're always hesitant to wear or not sure how to style.

For a night out


For a chic night out, this is such a special look you can go for no matter what your style or taste is. A pink dress, pink satin skirt or pink coat will look so exciting and lively for a fun evening look. Tone things down with a brown bag, jumper dress or heels. 

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Just have one pink thing


Your don't have to overcomplicate things or spend hours pairing these 2 colors together, you can just add one pink item and have the rest be brown or neutral. That way the pink is a pop of color and you don't have to worry about what to do about the rest of the outfit. It can even just be the bag.

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Go for rose instead of fuchsia 


If you're not a fuchsia girl, and you're looking for something more muted, you can go for rose instead, it's really chic, a bit more subtle and really wearable. This is especially awesome you want to wear rose but want to make it feel and look more modern.