Wearing clashing prints together is not easy. It can easily look a little off and so we tend to stay away from it or wear similar patterns together. However when mixing patterns is done right it can look absolutely exceptional. So, let's break fashion rules and see how to wear different patterns together and style clashing prints

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A multi-printed piece

mixing patterns outfits

1 clothing piece that has a mix of different colored prints or patterns are really cool and popular. You can wear them with neutrals to keep things simple or try clashing them with different prints, but something that goes with a lot oof things like stripes. Or you can pair them with something  of  a different print but same color palette.

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Wearing different floral patterns together

mixing patterns outfits

You have to try out mixing different floral pieces together. To make things easier go for patterns and pieces of the same colors. You can also try adding animal prints for a more daring but cool look.

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Styling different animal prints together

mixing patterns outfits

All of these are inspired by nature and so they can go so well together, even if they're different colors. It's all about adding some balance with other plain pieces in the outfit and rocking it with. confidence. You can wear a clashing print look like this casually or more formally, as you can see here. It depends on how you accessorize.

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Go for plaid and stripes

mixing patterns outfits

Sure, we see plaid and stripes a lot around us, but have you ever thought of wearing them together? Fashion bloggers love this unique look. Just try to keep it no more than 3 different patterned pieces together and accessorize with neutral colors, so it's easier to style.

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Mixing printed accessories with printed clothes


If you're not really interested in going too bold you can create the clash in print with your accessories instead 2 clothing pieces, like with your boots or tights. Just try to keep the prints in line with each other, whether with their general style or color palette.