Recently, relationship advice approaches are focusing on topics that teach you when you should immediately break-up or why you should no longer sacrifice for your partner. This is great, of course! However, it is not enough because constantly focusing the light only on reasons for 'leaving', will gradually make us ignore all what can make us grateful. It might also make us give up on something -that could've turned out really good for us- too soon, without giving it the chance it deserves.

Yes, I agree that each relationship has its obstacles, and that fighting is almost inevitable between partners. However, just like any other thing in life, sometimes most of us fall in the trap of taking good things/benefits of a relationship for granted. Well, it's time to remember these things; so that if you're considering a break-up, they will show you a different perspective on why your relationship might be worth fighting for.

1. Life is easier with him

Life is full of challenges and obstacles. If you're with someone who is always keen on supporting you and lessening the burden of life on you, then he's worth fighting for. It's so rare nowadays to find someone who is willing to draw a smile on our face and give us a helping hand and a warm hug against our daily pressures.

2. He knows who you really are

We might think that knowing someone who really understands us is an easy mission. Well, it is so hard to find such a person nowadays. If you think your partner is someone who knows when you're sad and also knows how to cheer you up, hold on to that person.

3. Your life is shared with someone

Yes, sharing our lives with our families and friends is awesome, but at the end of the day, each one gets back to their partners and children, and you remain in need for a person who shares the tiniest of details with you. In other words, you are in need of someone who prioritizes you. If your partner does that with you, keep him.

4. He's not in the 'No' list

Each lady has her own 'No' list. This is the bunch of characteristics you would never share your life with. Two of the most common types of men no one would want to fall for are the liar and the unfaithful. The list may be so long, and as long as your partner's personality is far from your 'No' list, you're safe. Thus, reconsider letting him go.

5. With him, you're better

No, it's not a cliche. It's true that some people help us become better individuals. If he makes you feel good about yourself, boosts your self esteem, supports you to achieve your dreams and pushes you forward, especially when it comes to your career, don't let him go.

6. You're healthy

Your mental and psychological health affects your physical health a lot. Believe it or not, a poisonous relationship can cause you mental sickness in the form of insomnia, anxiety, and loss of appetite. If you face these symptoms and you notice you have an unstable relationship, then let go. If not, then you should be thankful for having a partner who contributes in keeping you healthy.

7. You catch yourself always looking forward to the future happily

If you look up to your future optimistically, and your feelings are usually a mix between loving life while accepting that it's a bunch of ups and downs, then you're in the right relationship.

8. It's a changeable and developing relationship

One of the most mistaken ideas about relationships is that they should remain constant. In other words, couples sometimes panic when they realize they both have changed and that their interests did change, too. Change could be for the better; you grow up together, get maturer and definitely more experienced. Change is a human nature; you chase the same dreams or have the same goals that you used to have a couple of years ago. If change didn't cause any loss to any of you, then it is a healthy one, and there is nothing to worry about or consider breaking up for.

At the end, if your relationship has at least 2 of the above points, you should reconsider your decision of a break up. Life is tough already, and its pressures surely affect the traits in each of us. They can make us overreact towards things that might actually be more trivial than we think they are.

Main image credits: Instagram @benjaminpatch