"He sleeps right after sex!" This is the most common problem among a lot of women concerning their sex life. It's always interpreted as selfishness from the man or seen as a sign that he no longer loves his wife. However, we're here to tell you that it has absolutely nothing to do with you! Don't take it personally because it's all about his psychological and physical state.

Let's start by understanding what happens to a man's body after sexual intercourse. David McKenzie, an expert specializing in couples counseling and sex therapy, says that the chemistry of the human body greatly differs between both genders, especially when it comes to how the body responds after intercourse. A man's body secretes the prolactin hormone after sex which makes him feel so exhausted, unlike his female partner. Moreover, the fact that a woman doesn't necessarily reach orgasm each time she has sex with her husband, makes her have more ability to talk and stay awake after the intercourse is over.

Mark Leyner and Billy Goldberg who are sex health experts as well, discuss the same topic in their famous book "Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex". They said that the biological analysis of the phenomena simply refers to the fact that a man's body is naturally full of muscles more than a woman. Thus, during sex, the muscles of a man consume all the glycogen that helps the body produce energy, and accordingly, he falls asleep right away. Therefore, since women's bodies usually have less muscles, they tend to stay awake after sex, not feeling the exhaustion men feel.

Here are more interpretations for the matter:

"He loses interest right after he orgasms". If you complain about that, then this part is for you. As we all know, ejaculation takes place outside a man's body, and it's the sign that a he has reached his peak pleasure. It's said that after a man reaches climax, he immediately loses interest in further physical connection, and that's what makes him fall asleep to subconsciously find a peaceful private zone. This is completely unlike a lot  of women whose orgasm depends on the internal zones of her body which makes her ready to keep in contact more and more with her man.

If you want your husband to stay awake for the longest period possible after you have sex, try these 3 magical tips:

1. Try having sex before breakfast/dinner. The trick is that in the morning, he just woke up and is ready to start his day, he got his sleep and won't be needing to fall asleep anymore. Instead, having sex during that time will boost his day and refresh him. Before dinner is also a nice tip, since both of you will be looking forward to have a romantic meal together and maybe an intimate chat that accompanies it!

2. Avoid the traditional at-the-end-of-a-tiring-day sex. Yes! One keeps longing for the bed when going through a harsh day, and home after an exhausting day means sleep. You usually won't enjoy late night 'tired sex' -as we may call it- since both of you will fall asleep right away with no energy or time to experience any passion during the process. 

3. If you wish to talk with your husband and share important feelings with him after sex, but you think your husband doesn't feel like talking after sex, then try to speak first about anything you know he's interested in. After you get him involved, start your conversation of interest.

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