What is the best thing about holidays and seasonal celebrations? Well for a lot of people it's forgetting about the worries and seriousness of life and getting to go all extra and quirky with decor. And is there anything quirkier than halloween decorations?

These halloween decor ideas don't need a lot of effort, all you need is to look at these ideas, maybe make a little shopping trip and find spots in your home for the decor

1. Halloween Themed Pillows

All you have to do is switch out your pillow covers, in your living room or bedroom, for halloween themed ones. This is so easy because when halloween is over, you can just take them off and put them in storage for next year!


2. Pumpkins

Make use of pumpkins in your decorations. You can use them as light sources by adding tea light candles, tiny bubbles or lights. They can be great for outdoor halloween decor as well, take ideas from the image below. 


3. Halloween Wall Art

Wall art can have a huge impact on a room, and we tend to forget how easy it is to add wall art and customize it. You can print and cut out ghosts and skeletons and frame them in clear picture frames. 


4. Celebratory Halloween Home Decor 

For me, decor is a huge part and sign of celebration, whether for birthdays, Ramadan or any holidays. So if you love halloween, taking time to add those halloween vibes, even with your kids, can be really special and memorable for yourself and guests. Try banners with orange and black paper crafts, make halloween cupcakes and themed mason jars.


5. Halloween/Fall Themed Vases

The easiest thing you can do is adding fall leaves or flowers and halloween themed props to your vases at home. You can also stick on halloween shapes and figures, anything from spiders, ghosts to pumpkins on the vases.


Main Image Credits: Instagram @betterhomesandgardens