Matcha, it's not just for lattes. This Vitamin C packed super powder works wonders for thirsty skin, as well as providing a natural SPF. As something of a DIY beauty connoisseur, I was practically salivating when I came across this recipe. I've spent a fortune on Creme De La Mer over the years, in a bid to fight back the wrinklies- but doing this mask once a week has refined the texture of my skin, made it baby soft, and made me look like 'The Incredible Hulk' for twenty minutes (which is awesome).

Vitamin C has a host of beauty properties that all major cosmetic companies are capitalizing on. It evens out pigmentation, boosts collagen absorption and combats signs of premature ageing.

Matcha has three times the Vitamin C content of an orange.

The delicate plant is cultivated in Japan, where it's kept in special greenhouses to retain chlorophyll, giving it that vivid green hue. Chlorophyll is packed full of antioxidants, that will give your skin the TLC it deserves. The Japanese have been drinking Matcha tea for centuries, and women swear by it for their skin.

So pour yourself a cup, and save a teaspoon for your face. Here's the lowdown:


1 tsp ceremonial grade Matcha powder

2 tsp of natural yogurt (containing pore refining lactic acid)

A few drops of Vitamin E oil/Avocado oil (For moisture and cell renewal)


Mix in a small bowl and apply to the face using a clean brush. Leave on for approximately twenty minutes and wash off with warm water. Tone and moisturise. Repeat once or twice a week and notice how you will skip wearing foundation!

Side Note: Make sure that the Matcha is indeed ceremonial grade. Many companies provide a 'muddy looking' substitute with less of the beneficial properties of authentic Matcha powder. It needs to have that bright green colour.