We've done the beginners guide to makeup brushes, now it's time to take your makeup brush collection to the next level and buy yourself a makeup brushes set. I personally love sets, not just because they come with the cute makeup bags, but because they're practical, efficient and they complete your makeup needs quickly without having to go through the process of buying each brush individually, not that it's not enjoyable.

So, without further ado, here are some of the best makeup brush sets that you can choose from depending on you what you need...

1. Sigma Basic Eye Brush Set


Sigma are really famous for their makeup brushes and especially their makeup brush sets, which come in a cute brush holder. This collection is the ultimate eye makeup set. It has 7 classic eye brushes, including a eyeliner, eyeshadow and brow brush. It also has one of their best-selling eye blending brushes. 

2. Sephora Collection Eyes: Uncomplicated Brush Set


Sephora's brushes are great and affordable compared to other brushes. This basic eye brushes set is highly reviewed on their website and has the basic tools that you need to create a nice eye makeup look. It has a small shadow brush, a crease brush, shade brush, all over eyeshadow brush and an angled liner brush.

3. Real Techniques Prep + Prime Set


Real Techniques are a go-to for budget friendly makeup brushes. Their makeup brush sets are really interesting and specially curated. This is one is genius and an award winning brush set. It's actually meant for skin prep and the pre-makeup routine, not the makeup application itself.  These brushes are made to help you create a smoother skin surface so your makeup application will be better. Also, their brushes are cruelty-free. 

The first brush is for mess free moisturizers, serums, primers, or masks applications. The second to gently exfoliate. The metal tool is an under eye reviver and the last one is a lip exfoliating brush to use with a lip balm or scrub. 

4. Bobbi Brown Essentials Travel Brush Set


If you want a simple basic set to travel with that will contain everything you could need for a simple makeup look, this is the one to go for. Bobbi Brown have really good quality brushes. Here you have a travel size full coverage face brush, an eye blender brush, a fine eye liner brush, an eye shadow brush and an angled face brush that you can use for bronzer and blush. 

5. Charlotte Tilbury The Complete Makeup Brush Set


Makeup artist extraordinaire Charlotte Tilbury curated these brushes and designed them after being inspired by the artists brushes her father used. They were created by an expert European brush-maker. So you can say you're in safe hands. I've heard amazing things about her contouring brush, the third one from the right.

6. Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set


I have this makeup brush set and can attest to its greatness. The brushes truly are amazing and the foundation brush is probably my favorite makeup brush of all time. It also has an amazing concealer buffer brush and 2 of the best eye shadow brushes I've ever used. I am yet to find anything I love more than these brushes, I strongly recommend them. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @realtechniques