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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

The Young Woman's Guide to a Suitable Anti-Aging Routine

If you want to have flawless skin when you grow older, you must start working on it from a very young age. I am talking about your 20’s and your 30’s. Remember the 10 beauty tips that would make older women look 10 years younger? They are meant for younger women too, to maintain their skin, so they can age gracefully. But I am here to tell you about a suitable anti-aging beauty routine, and the products you should be using for maximum benefit.

1. Start the day and end it in the right way.

I mentioned this many times in several articles before, because it is very important. Washing your face with the right cleanser is crucial. You need to know your skin type, and then buy your facial cleanser accordingly. If you suffer from acne, make sure that the cleanser you’re using is not too harsh on your skin, as stripping your skin from its natural oils will result in more breakouts.

Use cleansers that contain vitamin A, aloe vera, and collagen.

N.B: For extra benefit, eat these types of food, that will regenerate collagen in your skin naturally.

2. Your skin will thank you later for moisturizing, and hydrating it.

There are two types of moisturizers, one for the morning and one that works at night when you sleep. Morning creams mainly hydrate your skin, protect it from harmful sun rays and work on firming and smoothing your skin. As for night creams, they work on renewing and regenerating skin cells so you can wake up with a fresh face.

N.B: You should consider your skin type (dry, oily or combination), when you’re picking anti-aging creams.

3. Forgetting to apply sunscreen is not an option!

Even during wintertime, you should always apply sunscreen. The sun is one of the main reasons behind saggy skin, and I promise you that even if you’re wearing sunscreen, you’ll get a tan during summertime. A minimum of SPF 15 is required during summertime, and when you buy tanning oils, please make sure they contain SPF too.

4. Start working early to avoid wrinkles around your eyes.

Wrinkles and under eye-bags around are so annoying for all women, and for that your skincare routine should include products that will maintain the skin around the eyes. Eye creams that contain caffeine will boost blood circulation in the area, thus no dark under eye bags. And products that contain aloe vera will keep the skin young and fresh.

5. Don’t forget to massage your face when you apply your creams.

Massaging your face is very important. Pulling your cheeks outwards and your forehead upwards every time you apply any kind of cream will help your skin fight sagging in the future. Also, you need to dab eye creams, not massage it, eye skin is very fragile, and any harsh moves will be harmful. As for your neck, you should move your hands upwards and downwards to keep the skin flexible. And if you’d like to get rid of the double chin, here’s a very effective exercise.

Quick rules to keep your skin young and fresh for the longest time:

- Never sleep with your makeup on, always wash it off.

- Don’t apply makeup every day, always give your face a rest from harmful products.

- Quit smoking NOW.

- Drink a lot of water.

- Work out.

- Stress will always show on your skin, so make sure you know how to unplug every once in a while, and just relax. 

Now take a look at some of the best anti-aging products you'll find in most beauty centers and drug stores.

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