Summer is almost here and we all know that once the weather gets warmer and the heat becomes unbearable, we pack our bags and head to the beach. In addition, summer is the perfect time for concerts. That’s why we gathered some makeup looks inspired by Coachella for you to try out this summer. If you’re following several foreign celebrities on social media, you’ve probably seen some Coachella photos, where people tend to wear edgy, daring, and different makeup and outfits. That said, let’s show some Coachella-inspired makeup looks and tell you how to apply them properly.

For those of you who don’t know what Coachella is, it’s an annual music festival that showcases emerging musical artists. It is considered one of the largest and most famous music festivals in the United States and the world.

Graphic Liner

coachella summer makeup looks fustany

Photo credit: @iamkaylabeauty

Graphic liners are not for everyone. They're bold, daring, unique, and quite tricky to apply. So, if you're looking for bold makeup this summer that reflects your personality, then this look is the one for you. Graphic liners are hard to master, but you can try and work your way to perfect them. Go with colors that suit your skin tone and outfit to help you stand out and look fabulous.

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Studs and Stones

coachella summer makeup looks fustany

Photo credit: @yuliabonya

Wear your makeup regularly as you would every day, but this time try to apply stones or studs on your eyes and face. This look will not only look edgy and unique, but it will also be excellent for concerts and night outs. The sky's the limit when it comes to styling studs. Instead of using gel or liquid liner, use stones or crystals to create the perfect blingy liner. They can also be placed where you usually place your highlighter for an extra glowy effect.

Sunset Shadow

coachella summer makeup looks fustany

Photo credit: @tifffylooks

Eyeshadow colors alone can create this whimsical look that will dazzle everyone at the sight of your eyes. Purple, orange, yellow, and pink shades can create stunning eyeshadow looks that resemble sunset. Apply your shadows in an order that looks like the sky at sunset. Make sure you blend well so the colors look harmonious. Add a thin black liner to define your eyes and complete the full look.

Smokin’ Hot

coachella summer makeup looks fustany

Photo credit: @moonkittenn_

Nothing speaks louder than black smokey eyeshadow when you’re aiming edgy. It’s gorgeous, sexy, daring, and easy to apply. You’ll only need a pigmented black eyeshadow and a black eye pencil. The secret behind a successful black smokey shadow is blending. This look is more suitable for summer night outs, parties, concerts, and, maybe, dates.

Boho Makeup

coachella summer makeup looks fustany

Photo credit: @slaybyterri

If you’re into bohemian style, you will love this one. You can apply your makeup regularly; use the same base that you normally go for and preferably apply neutral eyeshadow, then add a colorful eye pencil on your lower lash line. Blue, green, and purple will look exquisite on warm-toned girls, especially if their eye color is chocolate or honey brown. For an edgier look, apply crystals of the same color to your forehead and above your eyebrows to complete the ultimate boho look.

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Floral Eyes

coachella summer makeup looks fustany

Photo credit: @lilireeinharts

Floral outfits are perfect for summer as they bring joy and happiness to your overall look. How about pairing your floral outfit with floral eyes too? This look will be perfect for girls who don’t like to wear too much makeup or look over the top. Using a liquid liner, you can draw small flowers on your lids for a feminine, different look this summer. If you don’t have colorful liquid liners, you can use eyeshadow, but make sure to use a small pencil brush for precise application.

One Shadow Color

coachella summer makeup looks fustany

Photo credit: @nobluk

This is literally the easiest makeup look any girl can go for. Embrace your natural skin and just apply one shadow color on your lids and maybe add a fine winged liner to shape your eyes. Choose the shadow color according to your outfit and skin tone so your eyes can pop.

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Finally, the number of makeup looks you can go for this summer is countless. Choose looks that match your personality and apply colors that make your skin look glowy. If you don’t know how to choose the colors that match your skin tone, we recommend visiting There, you’ll snap a photo of yourself and the website will show you the shades that you should and should not go for.

Main image credits: @caroeinhoff