No matter how good and talented you are in applying makeup or skincare products, it is always nice to find beauty experts who can share awesome hacks and tricks that make things easier for you. Not only do these beauty experts offer great hacks, but they also provide their followers with honest reviews about the products on the market and do awesome comparisons between high-end and affordable products so that everyone can really benefit from their content. That said, we’ll show you 9 of the top Egyptian bloggers that you need to follow, so keep reading.

Aliaa Lasheen

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From glowy, dewy makeup to full glam, Aliaa Lasheen offers amazing makeup tutorials for both beginners and experts. Her simple and straightforward methods of explaining and offering guidance are what make her so special and loved by her followers.

Hadeer Hameed

egyptian beauty bloggers fustany

Hadeer Hameed is breaking all the beauty standards and we’re here for it. Besides providing awesome makeup tutorials and skincare tips, she’s a feminist who believes that all women are beautiful.

Rana Ashraf

egyptian beauty bloggers fustany

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If you’re looking for glowy, natural skin and don’t know which products to use, Rana Ashraf is your guide. Additionally, she tests new products and tells her followers her honest reviews so you don’t have to buy the product and test it yourself. She also provides nail and makeup tricks that benefit plenty of girls.

Sarah Hany

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Sarah Hany is a video creator who shares her life with her followers. However, the beauty advice and tricks she offers are what make her super special and unique. Her Youtube channel is also fun, instructive, and lovely to watch. From skincare routines to makeup tutorials, she’s got what you’re looking for.

Mona Mamdoh

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We all love a beauty blogger who shares her personal experience, but what if this experience is supported by science and knowledge? This is where Mona Mamdoh shines. She offers great pieces of advice based on scientific references as well as her personal experience. In addition, she also shares awesome makeup hacks that all girls seem to love.

Nouran Tarek

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Are you looking for a makeup guru who is also funny and hilarious? We present to you Nouran Tarek, everyone! A certified makeup artist and content creator, Nouran Tarek never fails to amaze her followers with her talent in makeup while creating really fun content to watch.


egyptian beauty bloggers fustany

We think everyone will agree when we say that content creation is not only about experience or talent. The content creator should have charisma and a unique personality. Mayar has already got the talent, experience, and a charismatic personality. Her makeup tutorials are simple and instructive. You’ll just love her.

Doaa Soliman

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Doaa Soliman loves to share awesome makeup tutorials and skincare reviews with her followers. She’s also into fashion and lifestyle blogging, so you’ll just love the diversity on her account.

Nouran Moustafa

egyptian beauty bloggers fustany

Nouran is all about building your confidence by embarrassing your natural beauty and caring for your skin. Besides her awesome skincare tips and techniques, she shares brilliant cosmetics hacks that will up your makeup game.

Finally, whether you want to start taking care of your skin or need some makeup advice, you’ll benefit a great deal from following beauty bloggers who share their honest reviews and awesome skincare and makeup tricks. Their accounts can also be a source of inspiration for you to create dazzling makeup looks.