This year's fashion week just gave us so many trendy looks that we want to try, but today we'll be talking about the make-up looks that will be very trendy in Winter 2022. The designer shows provided us with fantastic makeup inspiration to help us transition to a post-mask life. Here are 8 fashionable make-up looks from fashion week that we love.

1. Statement Blush 

Statement Blush

Image Credits: Elle

We usually use blush to sculpt our cheekbone games, which gives us a bright complexion. This year's trend is to go wild with your blusher game,  go for statement colors and actually go all the way to your eyelid, rather than just your cheekbones. 

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2. Glossy Lips

Glossy lips

Image credits: Elle, Harper Bazaar

It's time to get your gloss out again cause they are super trendy. I know it's a 2000s look, but remember how our hair used to get stuck to our lips due to how much gloss we used to apply? Well, get used to it because it will happen again.

3. Neons are back!

Neon eyeliner

Image credits: Harper BazaarBustle 

Neon eyeliner or eyeshadow is a big trend right now, especially since we still wear masks, it's a great to give a statement look for the eyes. You can wear any neon color you want, and you don't have to limit yourself to just one.

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4. Color Coordinate

makeup colors matching your outfit 

Image Credits: Elle

This trend is for people who like to wear matchy-matchy colors. You can now match the color of your makeup to your outfit. For example, if you're wearing a blue outfit or maybe even rocking a blue gown to during wedding season, make sure to go for any share of blue with your eyeshadow.

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5. Make your makeup more abstract 

Abstract makeup

Image credits: Harper BazaarElle

What exactly is abstract makeup? Put a small pop of pastel shadow or a swirly design over your eyes and then leave the other one alone. Perhaps you could choose one eye with color and the other eye with a different color.This one is for the fashion darers with eclectic style. 

6. The classic red lipstick 

red lipstick

Image credits: Harper BazaarBustle

The classic red lipstick will never go out of style and will always be fashionable. Even if you don't have full make-up on, putting on red lipstick will instantly transform your look to a more chic look, and you will look very stylish on your way to the supermarket.

7. Berry inspired lips

berry lipstick

Image Credits: Elle, Bustle

Back in the day, the 90s era berry lipstick was used to give them a cool chic look; now, it's a very edgy look to have, and it'll look great for a night-out makeup look.

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 8. Eyeliner with a twist 

dramatic eyeliner

Image Credits: BustleElle

Eyeliners that stop at the corner of your eyes are so last season; the trend now is to extend the inner and outer corner for a dramatic graphic effect.

Main Image Credits: Harper Bazaar