The Top 10 Middle Eastern Brands to up Your Beauty and Skincare Game

Fustany Team
8/10/21, 12:00 AM

We’ve been loving local brands lately, apart from being more available to purchase it’s also made us think why not give brands from our own region a shot? With so many options available, we looked around to give you some of our tried and precious products and some that we’re just dying to try.

1. Clementine Organics


Image credits: Clementine Organics

This Egyptian brand is any nature lover's dream, free of chemicals and preservatives, Clementine focuses on giving you mother nature’s goodness in a bottle. The packaging is also super cute, made from glass, you don’t have to worry about the carbon contribution left on the environment. Tried and tested, with cleansers, vitamin c, jelly masks, and glow toners they have a minimal range but are nonetheless on our wish list. 

What we’re loving: The moon milk with natural SPF is the most insane (in a good way) sunscreen we’ve ever tried, oh boy does it leave you feeling soft. It sounds crazy, but it’s true, you won’t regret it.

2. Zo Skin by Dr. Zein Obagi


Image credits: ZO Skin Health Inc

This medical-grade skincare centre has found extreme success across the globe, with its variation of products available in almost every country and skin centres in almost every continent, and it's surprisingly Lebanese. Combining innovative technology and A grade quality ingredients, ZO has got you covered in all your luxury skincare needs. Whether it’s a specific skin concern, such as ageing, or you just genuinely need to take better care of your skin, there’s a product here for you. 

What we’re loving: The exfoliating polish and calming ph. balancing toner makes your skin feel so so silky you’ll wonder what the hell you were previously putting on your face.

3. The infamous Huda Beauty


Image credits: Hudabeauty

Ah, where do we start? She obviously doesn’t need an introduction, it's Huda Kattan, our very own YouTube blogger turned businesswoman turned millionaire. We’re no strangers to her makeup, in fact, we're big fans. But these newly released precision eyeliners are to die for. 

What we’re loving: The sharp felt tip of the eyeliner allows you to create whatever you want out of your look. Oh, and the consistency of the eyeliner is so black and durable, we’re debating throwing out our other eyeliners.

4. Essentials


Image credits: Essentials

The Egyptian brand launched a couple of years ago and was welcomed with open arms, with several branches across Cairo and Alexandria. Essentials has a diverse range of products ranging from lip paints, cream brushes to liquid eyeshadows and even skincare. 

What we’re loving: The lip paints are to die for, their consistency, pigments and affordability make for super easy application. For an extremely fancy look or even a more natural no-makeup look, you can build the product up for the correct hue you prefer. Their packaging is very travel-friendly which means you could take your lip paint anywhere.

5. Green Bar Inc.


Image credits: Green Bar Inc.

This Bahrain based brand has been getting a lot of attention recently, with a mixed range of products from lip balms, face cleansers and moisturizers and all types of soaps. The green bar even has its own strain of teas (the rose one looks so good) as well as perfume and face and body tools. We’re dying to try their Neroli & Mastic lip balm, yes you read that right, Mastic. With all organic ingredients, their brand motto is to bring awareness to the healing properties of plants, so they grow them themselves in their native gardens.

What we’re loving: The lip balms look to die for, I can almost smell them from behind the screen. With Green Bar’s holistic approach, we don’t have to worry about getting a bad reaction to anything. This cute brand even has its own cafes in Bahrain, hello Instagram worthy content.

6. Simihaze Beauty

Image credits: Simihaze Beauty


Simi and Haze Khadra are the edgy fashion twins you probably didn’t know the Arab world had, but that’s because they’re busy making a name for themselves in Hollywood being friends with the Kardashian/Jenners. Oh, and being DJs. Born to Palestinian parents, they grew up in London and have been in the fashion world their entire lives. They recently launched Simihaze Beauty, with lipsticks and tints in the cutest most inventive packaging, but it’s their eyeliner range for me.

What we’re loving:  The quirky twins created a sticker book of eyeliner looks so we don’t have to waste hours of our time trying to draw on our eyeliner just to look like the Walmart version of them. It’s so innovative, it makes us think why there aren’t more of this concept out there. Whether it's festival season or the weekend, we’re trying to get our hands on the sticker book so we can attempt to look even as half as cute as them.

7. Locken

Image credits: Locken


Hana Ghoneim’s newly launched haircare brand Locken is every curly-haired girls dream, a clean and cruelty-free alternative to the usual chemicals used, natural hair care has really been taking the beauty world by storm. 

What we’re loving: The leave in conditioner has generated a lot of buzz and is perfect for not just your summer hair care needs, but all year round.

8. Shiffa beauty


Image credits: Shiffa beauty, Savoir Flair

Founded by Dr Lamees Hamdan, the Dubai based renowned Dr is more than qualified in anything skincare. Using the best of the best for your skin, the ingredients are said to be a work of magic, with the world’s most powerful age-defying ingredients, you’re in good hands. 

What we’re loving: The healing balm is multipurpose, rich and creamy, it’s so practical you can take it in your bag on the go.

9. Kayali perfume


Image credits: Kayali, Mane Addicts

Unsurprisingly, Huda isn’t the only Kattan sister pursuing the beauty industry. Mona Kattan paired up with her famous sister to launch Kayali perfume, a collection of rich and delicate perfumes. Whilst it completely took over our IG feeds, we can’t stop imagining how good the perfumes smell. Apart from the elixir (11), there are also musk and vanilla fragrances to choose from. 

What we’re loving: The citrus scent looks so yummy. When done right, citrus scents are a heavenly mix of both summer fruits and a fragrance that blends well to give it extra depth. We can’t wait to give it a try.

10. Prismologie


Image credits: Prismologie, Emirates Woman

Owned by two Sheikhas, this Kuwaiti brand is everything you need in luxurious skincare. Their diverse range of products include all the heavenly scents you can think of, from rose to lemon and more. Made in the UK, the brand promises to leave a positive contribution on the world through their promotion of sustainable resources and packaging. 

What we’re loving: The brand has so many fragrances to choose from, but the cedar wood and ruby dry body oil is calling for us.


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