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Fustany Team
7/3/18, 12:00 AM

A vampire facial, Hollywood's red carpet secret, the Hydrafacial, and lip fillers. This is what the Fustany Team experienced at ZO Skin Centre in Zamalek, Cairo. They generously invited us over to try anything we wanted for the day. The team with excitement didn't know what to pick from and fought over the infamous Hyrdrafacial. We managed to all try diverse treatments and had a lot to say about the interesting and fun pamper day.

Beesan Sartawi

Vampire Facial


My experience with ZO skin centre was quite pleasant, I went there wanting a hydrafacial then the doctor suggested that I try the PRP (platelet-rich plasma) facial with dermapen, also known as The Vampire Facial. It basically uses your own blood to promote healthy revived skin, using the serum portion of your blood, which contains platelets. The platelets contain high levels of growth factors. This will be injected directly to your face.

First day my face was puffed, red and slightly uncomfortable but it got better by night. Second day I had a sun kissed-like glow in my skin and I can tell the texture is smoother. Third and fourth day I started to become a bit flaky but I could see it’s the first layer only and underneath I can see good things were happening! The following days my skin, for the first time ever, was glowing, clear, smooth. I felt like I didn’t need a speck of makeup, and all the tiny under-skin pimples were gone! The best treatment I did in my life and I highly recommend it.

Farida Abdel Malek

Acne and Oil Control Treatment


I did the Acne and Oil control treatment facial. I originally went in for the red carpet facial which is a skin brightening facial for glowy fresh looking skin. But because of my recent small breakouts on one side of my face. The facialist decided to go instead for the acne/oil control one and the results were really good. I personally usually go for a slower routine to handle my skin problems, so this fast more hardcore approach was new for me. The 3 step peeling technique was not the most pleasant and relaxing experience but it definitely gave me instant results.

I could see an instant cleanness and freshness to my face and my pores looked less clogged right after the facial. The blackheads on my nose were massively reduced. I recommend this facial for someone struggling with acne, clogged pores and dullness and needs to look better in a matter of a day for an event or photography. My skin remained really luminous and fresh, acne free for a couple of weeks and makeup went on really smoothly.

Amira Azzouz

Lip Fillers

I came into ZO Clinic wanting to go for one thing, but ended up doing something completely out of my comfort zone. I’ve always had a gummy smile, which means when I smile or laugh, a part of my gum appears. The ZO team introduced us to all the different options they have to pamper the Fustany team on that day, and all of a sudden I decided maybe it’s not such a bad idea to go for a lip filler. Yes, you heard that right.

After discussing with the doctor the best solution for my lips, to give the upper lip a bit of a plumbed look, in addition to solving the gummy smile issue, I went ahead with it. The lip filler injection did hurt a little bit, but the doctor was quite assuring and walked me through the steps of what to expect during and post the injection. An hour after the filler, my lip was a bit swollen, luckily not drastically swollen though. Two days later, my lip had calmed down, and I’m getting lots of compliments about them, be it at work or from my friends. ZO Clinic managed to add a nice twist to my look, without going over the top with it to make sure I still look very natural.

Sara Khalil

Extraction Acne and Oil Control Treatment

My visit to ZO Clinic made me realize the right way I should deal with and treat my skin. My skin type is combination and is full of blackheads, and I am not the type to follow a daily skincare routine, other than washing my face everyday and removing makeup before bed. So you can imagine how much my skin was suffering from oiliness and acne, and for that reason, the experts at the clinic suggested a cleansing and deep extraction session. This facial works on removing blackheads and whiteheads with a metal tool. The results were great, my skin afterwards felt really clear and soft. Even though my skin was really red after the session, the redness went away after a few hours.

The facialist gave me a few tips on how to maintain my skin's health, and so far I feel like they've been helping me with reducing acne and blackheads:

- It's very important to use a good daily cleanser twice per day.

- It's also necessary to use a clay mask twice a week to extract dirt from pores.

- I also have to drink a big amount of water which could make up for facial moisturizes and oils.

- For consistently clean and healthy skin, it is preferable to do a deep cleansing facial like this one from ZO skin Centre.

- I must apply sunscreen before going out everyday.

Nada Allam



My dilemma: I have blackheads and whiteheads, but I hate going through the process of extracting them.

What did I do: I decided to just become friends with my black & whiteheads, and just accept them.

By some miracle, ZO Clinic decided to pamper the Fustany team, and I got the opportunity to do the hydra facial. I heard that this magical device can extract your black and white heads in a pain free way, so I decided to go for it.

So, what is a hydrafacial and how does it work?

Basically, it is a machine used on your face that cleans, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates your skin all in one, which results in leaving your skin clean, refreshed, moisturized and all in all fantastic. And, you know what ladies? I can firmly say it truly did all of the above.

After cleansing my face with a few ZO skincare products, I started the hydrafacial. They basically use a nozzle that glides over your face with suction, to extract the blackheads, white heads and all the dirt under your skin. I know your wondering if this process is painful at all, and I am here to tell you: 'Nope, it's not.' You might feel a little prickly feeling, especially at the areas that have the most dirt, for example the nose, but it’s totally bearable. Come on ladies, we wax all our body hair off, nothing else should be painful!

After the vacuum went all over my face, I moved on to the next step, which is LED light therapy. Basically this involves two round silver plates that produce red light. It is applied to your skin starting from the forehead, and all the way to your chin. What is the purpose of this light? Well, it helps repair any damaged skin, and stimulates the production of collagen, leaving your skin looking super rejuvenated.

The After-effect?

I can honestly say I saw an immediate result to my skin after my hydrafacial, even though I was told that the best results only appear after a few sessions. Perhaps my skin really needed the pampering and cleaning, which is why I saw results? But, all in all, my skin looked really clean, felt smooth and the hydrafcial managed to extract 90% of my blackheads. I would definitely recommend to try out the hydrafacial, it’s worth the hype!

Nancy Hennes

Cleansing Facial


Before I tell you about my experience at ZO Clinic, you need to know the state my skin was in before I went there. First of all, I have a combination skin that hadn’t given me any trouble in my teen years but suddenly started breaking out with acne and leaving scars for the past year or two. That threw me off guard for sure, because I never learned how to deal with that. After a while of trying and testing new products, I finally was able to control that acne to some extent, but the damage was already done. So, when I went to ZO's centre my skin was very exhausted and I wanted their help. They advised me to start with a proper cleansing facial treatment, so that is what I did.

The dermatologist started with putting a scrub on my face and working it thoroughly on my skin. After removing it, she started cleaning all the blackheads and unblocking my pores. I was shocked with the huge difference of how my skin looked, even before she finished the whole facial treatment. After that she spread a brightening mask on my face and neck and left it for 10 to 15 minutes to dry before removing it. Then, she applied a hydrating cream with SPF to finish off the session.

For the first couple of days, my skin was super soft and glowing. But, what surprised me the most was that the amount of acne that appeared on my face the following few weeks was almost non existing! Yes, for almost 3 weeks I had exactly 2 pimples that disappeared in less than a couple of days, which was a first for me! So, in my opinion, I would definitely be going back to ZO clinic for a regular cleansing facial treatment for sure!


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