Smart Comebacks to Say to Your Beauticians When They're Being Too Sassy

Omneya Hossam
4/18/19, 12:00 AM

I was driving on a typical Friday to the beauty salon to get my hair and nails done. I don’t want to say I was avoiding this trip for a while, but I was. My hairstylist is very hard to communicate with and I usually leave steaming in anger from her sassiness. But she is the 5th one I have changed in one year and it really doesn’t get any better.

I sat down for a blow dry, she held my hair and said,  "You have to cut it, it’s been a while...". I explained that I didn't want to and then..."But dear, It looks really ugly. It doesn't suit you, you have to change it". That’s it, I have had enough. I stood up really quickly, looked her in the eyes and said, "Well, It's non of your damn business!"

I’ve been nice for too long, but this ship has sailed, and now I’ve come up with comebacks for bossy hairstylists and beauty specialists so they don’t cross the line again.

1. "You hair is too damaged you have to cut it." 

"Ok. Thank you so much for the advice, but it’s my hair and I get to decide whether to cut it or not." From where I see it, it's the only answer that makes sense.

2. "This color is not for you!"

Don’t let it get to you and  just tell them "Oh well colors are a matter of opinion anyway”.

3. "It’s not my fault! Your nails are weak and your skin is so dry"

This usually comes after she has given you a bad manicure or pedicure and wants to justify it. You can tell her, "My nails and skin are fine. And Even if they aren't, you should be careful with that cuticle  trimmer."

4. "You’re looking pale. You must dye your hair."

It’s usually not true and you can simply tell them “Oh no. I think it’s the lights in your salon that needs fixing”. Yup...who's boss now!

5. "It’s your old hairstylist’s fault."

“You’ve been saying this for the past 3 or 4 times I’ve been here, you’re technically my old hairstylist!” This way, he/she will remember not to say this again.

6. "Your eyebrows look better this way."

This will come after she ruins your eyebrows. Tell her "No, they don’t, you just don’t know how to make them look the way I want and that’s another issue."

7. "The products you use are bad. You should use my products instead."

“Thank you, but my products are dermatologically recommended. Yours have silicon and sulfates.” This will show them that you know exactly what your hair needs and you won't be buying just about anything they recommend to you. 

8. "Your hair is too curly, you should chemically straighten it."

“Oh, my curly hair is beautiful and it's very offensive for you to say otherwise.” Yup, show them how proud you are proud of your natural hair!

9. "You have so much dandruff!"

Shocker! “It’s a natural phenomenon and it means I am a living human being with a real scalp that is irritated with any change is seasons."

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