Your Guide to the Trendiest Hair Colors in 2019

Omneya Hossam
3/24/19, 12:00 AM

2018 and 2019 witnessed a revolution in hair coloring. Women went to the extreme taking some colors to a whole different level. Forget Ombrés and highlights, this year it’s all about bold intense colors that will drastically change your look from simple to dazzling. Here are the trendiest and most daring hair dye colors for 2019.

Pastel pink

Now you can dye your entire hair in pastel pink and no one will think it’s weird because it has become really popular everywhere.


Image Credits: Instagram @Kyliejenner

Baby blonde

Probably the trendiest hair color in 2019, and it’s taking the middle east by storm. It’s now everywhere and in every hair salon and it’s becoming trendier by the moment.


Image Credits: Instagram @Khloekardashian

Ash Grey

If you are not a baby blond fan, you can definitely go for a darker option like ash grey. This bedazzling color will give you an ultimate futuristic 2019 look.


Image Credits: Instagram @joellemardinian

Copper velvet

Perfect for a fresh new look with an upbeat color that will brighten your face and make you look attractive and sexy. It's probably the best option for brunettes for the spring of 2019.


Image Credits: Instagram @mayadiab

Strawberry honey

For the ultimate Goldilocks look, this color is your new favorite, it’s the trendiest blonde color and it only takes one look to fall in love.


Image Credits: Instagram @jlawthequeen

Inky Black

Black is back, actually black never really goes anywhere or gets old and this season intense black hair is a great option for a sexier more edgy look.


Image Credits: Instagram @Shaymitchell

Main Image Credits: Instagram @mayadiab


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