Tanning season is knocking on the door, and this means that your skin gets darker and your hair gets lighter. Do you want to know how to lighten up your hair color naturally? Yes, you can lighten up your hair color naturally, without hitting the hair salon or using any hair spray lightener. It’s not just one way, there are seven natural ways to lighten up your hair color, so start reading about them.

1. Water and salt:

Remember when you were little and you used to spend all day every day, from sunrise to sunset, swimming in the sea? The water and salt you used to get in your hair under the sun made your hair color lighter; you even got some blonde hair strands. But now we barely have time to spend one decent weekend by the sea to get a proper tan, so just pour some salty water on your hair and with some help from the sun, your hair will get lighter, day after day. Just make sure to always rinse it off at the end of the day and to moisturize your hair very well.

2. Chamomile tea:

One of the best natural ways to lighten up your hair is chamomile tea! Chamomile tea is also very beneficial for your hair; it makes it look smooth and healthy. Boil some water, then add the chamomile tea bag to it. Once it cools down, pour it over your hair, leave it in for 15 minutes and then rinse off well with water and shampoo.

3. Vitamin C:

Want to lighten up your hair naturally and nourish it? Just crush about eight or nine tablets of vitamin C and mix them with shampoo. Afterwards, rinse your hair very well and finish off with conditioner.


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4. Water and lemon:

One of the oldest natural ways to lighten up your hair, is to use water and lemon. Just add one cup of water and two table spoons of lemon squeeze on your hair for 15 minutes. This will do wonders. Rinse off well with water and shampoo.

5. Vinegar:

This might be the slowest way to lighten up your hair color, but after a while you’ll start seeing results. In a big cup of water, pour two table spoons of vinegar, then apply the mixture to your hair. Leave it in for 15 minutes, then rinse off well with water and shampoo. Vinegar can help you get rid of dandruff too, but avoid this way if you have dry hair.

6. Honey and vinegar:

Honey is another perfect natural way to lighten your hair color, and when mixed with vinegar the power is doubled. One problem though you can face, is that both honey and vinegar can strip hydration from your hair, so you need to add one tablespoon of olive oil to the mixture to moisturize your hair. So here’s how you do it: You mix the previous ingredients all together and you apply it to your hair, then you wrap your hair with a plastic wrap. It’s preferable that you leave it overnight, and then wash your hair well in the morning with shampoo and conditioner.

7. Henna and chamomile:

Henna is most probably good for people with darker hair shades; henna lightens the hair naturally and gives this enchanting hue to your hair. Mixed with chamomile it becomes an even better way to lighten your hair naturally.

Just mix the two powders together with boiling water. The amount of henna powder is supposed to be equal to  the amount of chamomile powder. After it cools down, apply it to your damp hair, and then wrap your hair with a plastic wrap. Leave it for two hours, and then rinse well with water and shampoo.