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Benefits of Green Smoothies and How to Make Them

Nada Allam
12/15/14, 12:00 AM

I am not waiting for the New Year to start taking care of myself and lead a healthy lifestyle. In fact I am starting as soon as possible. I hear a lot of talk about green smoothies and their benefits, so I have decided to get to the bottom of this and find out what they are all about. Turns out, green smoothies are loaded with benefits for your health, skin and so much more. Check out the benefits of green smoothies and how you can make one for yourself...

1. The most important benefit of the green smoothie, is that it gives you energy. So, if you are feeling lazy or run down lately, try to start your day with a green smoothie, you will notice an increase in the amount of energy you have. 

2. Introduce green smoothies into your diet and it will give your immunity a boost. Say goodbye to the flu in the winter! 

3. One of the benefits of green smoothies, is that it actually makes you load up on your vegetable intake, so you are getting all the fiber and nutrition that you need out of a cup.

4. The state of your skin is reflected by what you let into your body! Loading up on green juice can actually lead to clearer skin with a radiant glow, as it eliminates the toxins in your body. 

5. It has been said that after drinking green smoothies regularly, you will find yourself always craving healthy alternatives to your unhealthy snacks.

6. Another benefit of green smoothies, is that they keep you hydrated. If you don’t load up on your regular eight glasses of water everyday, then you can just add extra water while making your smoothie. 

7. This benefit of green smoothies is going to win over a lot of women. Green smoothies can lessen the appearance of wrinkles, as the increase in fluids filled with natural foods will hydrate your skin, reducing wrinkles and giving you a youthful look.

8. You know that feeling after eating too much, and you can barely move. Green smoothies can help with digestion, and can also work as a detox, making your body get rid of any toxins.

9. Green smoothies can actually help with weight loss. As you are increasing your vegetable intake, you are giving your body a chance to get rid of excess fats and toxins.

Now that you know many of the benefits of green smoothies, here is how you can make one.

What you will need:

Green smoothies are composed of water, fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. 

- 2 Cups of leafy greens/vegetables ( spinach, kale, lettuce, parsley, broccoli, cucumbers)

- 2 Cups of water

- 3 Cups of ripe fruit (avocado, bananas, peaches, mangos, berries, orange, apples) 

** You can pick one or two of the options, not all the fruits and vegetables. 


1. Toss the leafy greens and water in a blender to make a liquid base for your green smoothie.

2. Next peel the fruits, slice them and add them to the blender and mix once more.

Voila, you made yourself a (hopefully delicious) green smoothie.


Nada Allam

Nada Allam is a walking Bath and Body Works store, at any time of the day you will always find at least 1 or 2 of their products in her tote. With her cat eyes, retro style, and beautiful accessories,...

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