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Five Rules to Embrace a Healthier Lifestyle in a Week

Fustany Team
12/24/14, 12:00 AM

Making the switch to embrace a healthy lifestyle is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make, and it’s a lot easier than you think. The process is gradual, and it all starts by you taking initiative. Here are five rules that can help you embrace a healthy lifestyle in just one week. Follow them and you will notice a dramatic difference in yourself, and don’t worry this article does not include any dieting. Disclaimer: Yummy snacking included!

1. Six is the new three

First of all, worrying about your weight doesn’t get you anywhere. What you need to do, is take some action instead, and no it does not involve counting calories or starving yourself. Break down your three meals into smaller and healthier ones. They say six is better than three. It may sound contradicting, but aim for six smaller portions, which will help you feel fuller and healthier. A suggestion for a mini meal you can enjoy throughout the day is Bake Rolls. It’s healthy, delicious and comes in many flavors. You can always use a dip you love with it as well. Two birds, one stone!

2. Balance your life

It is extremely easy for us to lose track of time and fall behind on our obligations, due to the lack of balance in life. One of the key aspects to embracing a healthy lifestyle, is finding that perfect balance that works for you and helps you get more out of your day. We recommend you try out these things: wake up early, start off your day with drinking water and continue doing so throughout the day, make time for yoga whether before work or after, have a daily workout routine, allow time for yourself, make sure you see the people important to you and don’t forget about your social life. A big part of being healthy depends on your happiness.

3. Snack healthy

Do you know that you are more likely to get hungry when you are focusing hard on something? Whether you’re at work or studying, trying to focus with an empty stomach is unproductive. You should snack to give your brain the needed boost. Having said that, we recommend you ditch the chips and french fries and go for the better alternative. Bake Rolls is known for their deliciously crispy chips, which are baked and not fried. You get the ultimate chips experience, but the healthy way. It can also serve as a great movie night munchy. Who needs popcorn when you have more than five flavors of Bake Rolls to choose from?

4. Be positive

A healthy mind leads to a healthy body, meaning your thoughts and your mood have a huge impact on your lifestyle. Embrace a healthy lifestyle by being more positive, seeing the cup half full and always looking on the bright side. Stay away from quick fixes that don’t last long and understand that living healthy is a mindset. You might have to push yourself for a week or two to look at things differently, but shortly afterwards it’ll be your second nature. Learning to appreciate the small things in life is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself. It doesn’t just make you a happier person, but also helps you manage stress.

5. Excite yourself with challenges

Change is healthy and constantly pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is brilliant. Ditch that routine of yours and do things you’ll enjoy. How about trying out a new sport? It’ll have an impact on your mood, your way of life and believe it or not, your eating habits. Give your body the energy and boost it needs to keep going. While going to the gym works for some, others are more excited about sports that involve challenging others and of course interaction, as they experience a higher sense of competition with a fun element to it. Find out what works best for you, stop making excuses and start right away, not tomorrow.


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