We used to make fun of how our parents dressed back in the day, now we're rummaging through their wardrobe looking for their old pieces and proudly wearing them as vintage. This Fall 2018, is claimed '80s fashion season, thanks to the runway last year.

This is why Penélope Cruz's new film, Loving Pablo, came at the perfect timing this summer to even add more excitement to the '80s fall trend. Penélope plays Virginia Vallejo, a journalist who got romantically involved with Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, played by her real life husband Javier Bardem. The movie is set in the mid 80's and the fashion is impeccable. The costume designers really managed to capture the essence of the 80's through Penélope's wardrobe.

Because of our job, when we saw the movie, we couldn't help but notice how her style was perfectly curated, everything from side fringes to defined lip lines and pink nails. The jewelry especially was striking as well, big gold pieces and diamond necklines. Her colorful vibrant suits and statement skirts are going to be interpreted more modernly in stores very soon. Her character informs us in the film that she's wearing designer brands, like Thierry Mugler. Even though the wardrobe choices were bold, they never turned too 'costumey.' It really felt like you were watching real documentary footage from the mid '80s.

Our favorite thing, that we will definitely start rocking soon are these gorgeous, gold, statement earrings. Take a look at the gallery below and tell us what you'll be adding to your fall wardrobe.

All Image Credits: Film Trailer & IMDB