Parents think a million times before taking the decision to go on vacation with their kids. The thinking process usually ends in deciding to stay at home or going out somewhere close to minimize the hassle and chaos. Managing your kids on a day to day basis is already hard, but mothers complain that managing them on vacation is even twice as hard, and what's supposed to be a relaxing trip ends up being a hectic stressful week.

On a more positive note, parents still want to enjoy a summer trip with their kids. They want them to enjoy the beach and build childhood memories that they will be grateful for when they're older. There are ways and techniques you can practice as parents to help you enjoy a calm, enjoyable trip with your babies, no matter their age.

For plane or car travel:

- Travel in the time range that is their bed time. For example, don't take a 1 AM plane, especially if there's going to be a lot of wait time in the airport.

- Don't ever forget their favorite toys. Their attachment and love for them will keep them happy and satisfied for certain periods of time.

- You can download some of their favorite cartoons on your phone to keep them occupied when you're trying to focus or get something done.

- Pack with you a coloring book so they can fade into the colors and creativity. This would be especially helpful on a long flight. They can color for hours and forget about the time.

- Choose for your kids comfortable clothing. Don't forget that they also get annoyed when their clothes aren't comfortable enough for a long trip. Also, pack with you a nice cozy blanket, preferable similar to the ones they sleep with at home, so when they fall asleep, they can cuddle in it and it will give them the comfort of their bed.


1. The routine

The screaming, crying and fidgeting are normal reactions to your kid's sudden change in routine. They usually have a stable bed time and if it changes they get annoyed and anxious. For that reason, you should start by preparing your kid for the change in routine beforehand. A week or more before your travel start changing things here and there so they don't get shocked when things are unstable.

2. Discussing trip plans with the kids

If you're with a toddler or your kid is mature enough for discussion and negotiation, then talk to them about the trip and what you have planned. Get them excited while also make them feel included and important in the trip's decision making. You can have these conversations with them before bed, like a bedtime story. If you're traveling with other families, explain to them that each family has a different routine and that we shouldn't be affected by their own ways for each family is different.


3. Trip schedule

Don't overcrowd your days and schedule. Just like you get tired, they would get exhausted too. Have a maximum of two or three activities planned, enough to keep the family excited and entertained but not drained and grumpy.

4. Types of food

If you wish to not stray away too much from your child's routine, try to stay away from too much sugar or unhealthy treats. Try to balance out giving them nice snacks and treats every once in a while, but in moderation.

5. Clothing for taking naps

If your baby is used to taking naps in the middle of the day, try not to remove this from their routine. If you're by the beach, prepare in your bag their pjs or comfortable nappies so they can have a nice soothing nap to help them continue the day with a good mood.

6. Safety

Don't go anywhere without medication. You can never anticipate what's going to happen and being prepared will help you save your kid's potential illness right from the beginning before it gets worse. Always pack  medications for diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, flu and a first aid kit.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @nouraridaofficial