Married couples tend to get caught up at work, and sometimes they just don’t have the time or energy for a fancy date night with each other. Valentine's Day can be a reminder for anyone to take a few hours off, and spend some much needed quality time with their other half. If you’re on a low budget or bored of the usual date night, there are a few ways you can have an unconventional at-home Valentine's Day celebration

So here are some ideas on how to spend valentine's day at home for couples:

1. For the couch potatoes...

Spending an intimate time with your husband doesn't necessarily need to include a sexy dress and a suit. You can both throw on your pj’s, jump on the couch, wrap yourselves up in a blanket, and cuddle to your favorite movies or TV shows together. This can be a way to blow off some steam by laughing together or even crying together, if you’ve made the mistake of choosing Titanic for the 600th time!

Valentine's Day at Home - ways to celebrate valentine's day at home

2. For the outdoorsy ones...

If you both wish you were away and are in need of a change in environment, this is an easy way to do something quirky yet very romantic. Set up a small tent, nothing too technical or fancy. Just support a large blanket on some stools or small tables you have lying around. 

Throw in your comfiest pillows, place some candles around, hang a few fairy lights, dim your living room lights, and there you have it...your own little outdoorsy space. You can zone out, unwind and vent about how your day went by. If you’re both craving a snack, an easy cheese platter with some crackers would be very fitting.

Valentine's Day at Home - how to celebrate valentine's day at home

3. For the couples who want a fancy night in...

Cooking together can be a new form of bonding that allows you to add a few more hours together, with a yummy final result. Prep your dinner table with your nicest plates and cutlery, and add some candles. 

Leave the food ready on the table, and go get dressed separately. You probably always get dressed together, and there’s no longer an element of surprise! Put on your sexiest dress, and you can replay the dating game during marriage.

Valentine's Day at Home - how to celebrate valentine's day at home

Image Credits: Instagram @nicolewarne

4. For the 'stressed out all the time' husbands and wives...

You’ve both been sitting at your office desks for eight hours, and your necks and backs have been slowly tensing up all week. When you get home on Valentine's Day, take turns and give each other a nice massage that can be both very relaxing and very sexy. 

Afterwards, you could take a bath together, to further loosen up your bodies and lay there cuddling for an hour or two releasing all the tension and anxiety.

Valentine's Day at Home - how to celebrate valentine's day at home 

5. For the music lovers...

You probably have 'your song', the one that gets all the memories and excitement flowing, making you reminisce on what it was like when you first started dating. Blast on your favorite music or prep a playlist beforehand with songs that will get you both in the mood. 

Dance, laugh and goof around together. If you’ve been going through a rough patch, this will really help you move on and release a lot of the built up tension between you. It will also get you reminiscing about old times, and you can always finish off the night with a slow dance to Ed Sheeran.

Valentine's Day at Home - how to celebrate valentine's day at home 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @ofleatherandlace