Have you been married for quite a while now, and feel like it’s time to make this family bigger? Having children is a blessing that every married couple dream of having, but while you’re trying to have that extra family addition, there are things you should consider. So, here are five things every married coupled should do before having a baby.

1. A vacation. Just because.

We live in a world where we have our phones glued to our hands, but still have no time to give our loved ones a call to tell them we love them and miss them. So stop for a while what you’re doing, and take a good long vacation to be able to do whatever you always wanted to do. You can travel somewhere or you can just enjoy your time at home. Have breakfast in bed, have a movie marathon, make him cook you a meal, etc.

2. Travel on a low budget.

Places like Zanzibar in Africa, won’t cost you a lot, and staying in five stars hotels is not really how you can enjoy this country. Pick countries where you can enjoy adventurous and new experiences together without spending a lot. This way, you’ll learn to enjoy your time and experience new exciting things and still be able to save some money.

3. Take a leap of faith together.

Jumping out of an airplane together is definitely taking a leap of faith by all means; this may not be a low budget activity, but who cares? Live a little and take this experience together, and enjoy every scary and exciting bit of it. I recommend you do it with a trusted travel agency.

4. Learn something new together.

The point of doing things together, is to make you bond and feel like a real couple who’s still interested in sharing new experiences with each other. See what interests you both and learn it together, whether it’s taking a cooking class or mastering a new language. It doesn’t matter, as long as you're both interested and happy to learn it.

5. Make dates more interesting.

Go to places you’ve never been before and try to have unusual dates. Try new restaurants, go to a spa, visit an amusement park, have a stroll in the city, etc. Also, try to have a picnic in the park and make sure to go on long walks on the beach together; it’s probably the time to do so.

P.S. Don't forget to do all the small things that put a smile on your faces!