The Leo Woman: Personality, Compatibility and Love
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8/4/22, 4:00 PM

You can usually spot a Leo woman in a big crowd since she has the loudest laugh and brightest smile. The Leo woman adores attention and usually gets it. She's passionate about life, playful, and lively, but if you bother her, she won't hesitate to get her claws out.

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The Leo woman is intelligent, witty, strong, and creative. She's a bit on the dramatic side and attracts many followers. Her biggest challenge is to avoid abusing her power. Her confidence is often mistaken for arrogance and she's genuine.

Leo Dates: 

July 24 - August 23



Leo Compatibility: 

Libra, Aries, and Sagittarius

Not Compatible with Leo: 

Scorpio, Taurus, Pisces



Best Characteristics of the Leo: 

Warm-hearted, Optimistic, Energetic, Loyal, Straightforward

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Worst Traits of the Leo:

Egoistic, Dominating, Impatient, Arrogant, Possessive

Motto of the Leo: 

"I will, therefore I am" and "Love me or I die" and "What you see is what you get"

Leo in Love and Dating

The Leo woman is never dull in relationships. She's caring and giving, but her man has to give her the same amount of love and care. She doesn't mind initiating the chase when she likes someone as love is one of the most important things for her in life. Life with a Leo woman is like an exciting roller-coaster ride, and she doesn't settle for anything but the best. She falls in love easily and when she does, she falls pretty hard. It's not about falling for anyone; she only does when she finds the perfect man for her. The Leo woman is faithful and expects her man to be like that as well. She's generous and warmhearted, hates routines, and you'll certainly get an adrenaline rush from being with a Leo woman. Life is never boring with her.

Leo Woman and Sex

Leo women are awesome in bed because they're usually moved by seduction that works both ways. They love the idea of being wanted; that’s why sexy tension is fundamental to this fire sign. Foreplay is also a vital part of the whole experience! More importantly, fun and joy are essential when it comes to sex and romance. This passionate sign doesn't prefer complicated sex positions; they’d rather stick to the classic ones. 

Leo Woman and Marriage

Leo women expect their partners to put in as much emotion and effort as she does and go all out to be regarded as the perfect wife. A Leo woman is like an energizer bunny who doesn’t stop spreading positive vibes. She knows what she wants in life and pursues it relentlessly. The Leo woman loves with all her heart like there is no tomorrow; nonetheless, she is always prepared for anything that may happen in the future.

Leo Woman and Motherhood

Hands-down, Leo women are the liveliest and most energetic parents among all zodiac signs. They're loving, affectionate, and forever leaving marks on people’s hearts or having the utmost fun with your kids. A Leo woman is not just a parent; she’s the ultimate friend and playmate to her children.

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Leo and Work

You'll find the Leo woman in leading positions, though she expects to be granted these positions rather than work for it, but with her power and confidence she can do magic. She hates routine jobs and has great organizational skills and a unique way of inspiring others with great ideas. Those working under her have much respect for her, unless she starts getting too bossy.

Leo and Friends

The Leo woman is very warmhearted and a social butterfly. She has tons of friends and great connections. The one thing she would never ever forgive is betrayal.

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Leo and Fashion

Perfection at all times is very important to the Leo woman. You'll find her handbag full of creams and her favorite perfume. She loves luxury, but her clothes don't have to be expensive; it's all about what suits her best. She loves dramatic and extreme fashion trends and wears them with confidence. Fabrics such as cashmere and silk are her favorites. She loves diamonds and accessories, especially the ones that stand out. You can easily spot her in a big group as she'll usually go for embellished pieces and sequins. Statement necklaces with shimmery stones or unusual shoes are her kind of thing. Moreover, she adores the color red.

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