The Aquarius Woman: Her Personality Traits and What She's Like in Life
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1/24/23, 2:00 PM

The Aquarius woman is a mix of mental stimulation, fun, and sexiness all at the same time. She’s certainly unpredictable! For someone emotional, the Aquarius woman might seem a bit cold and distant, but if you’re looking for an independent partner, then she’s the perfect match. The Aquarius woman doesn’t care much for compliments; she’s confident and independent. She loves to do and say things to see the reaction she’ll get from people around her and she strongly believes that you should live and let live.

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Aquarius Dates:

 January 20 - February 19



Aquarius Compatibility: 

Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius

Not Compatible with Aquarius: 

Taurus, Cancer and Virgo



Best Characteristics of the Aquarius: 

Friendly, Humanitarian, Intelligent, Inventive, Independent

Worst Traits of the Aquarius:

 Unpredictable, Inconsistent, Detached, Stubborn, Extremist

Motto of the Aquarius:

 “I Know, therefore I Am.”

Aquarius in Love and Dating

The Aquarius woman needs her space when it comes to love and she likes to be free like a bird to have room to breathe. She’s a little bit of a rebel when it comes to relationships. The Aquarius woman appreciates a man who knows how to respect her privacy and if you’re into challenges and adventures, then she’s definitely the one for you. 

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The Aquarius woman is funny, smart, and adventurous; she's never clingy, jealous or demanding. If she’s not interested in you, chances are she’ll never be. Her relationship has to progress slowly because she doesn’t get emotionally attached easily. The Aquarius woman is very loyal and kindhearted. On the long term, she would be more of a friend rather than a romantic companion.

Aquarius Woman in Sex

An Aquarius is usually willing to try anything when it comes to sex. Women with this sun sign are the most forward-thinking of the zodiac, which means that their men are going to be surprised with unreserved actions in the bedroom. Don't hold back when you interact with her; let your insecurities go.

Aquarius Woman in Marriage

A companion or lover who can offer an Aquarius woman a majestic and sophisticated lifestyle is ideal. She will always and devotedly support her spouse until the end of time if she learns that they are weaker than her in some way (financially or in another area of life).

Aquarius Woman in Motherhood

An Aquarius mother is not judgmental. She’s as gracious with mistakes before she is with the right actions. Even if it doesn't go well with her, she is fair and comes to the appropriate judgment. Before providing you any advice, an Aquarius mother considers the entire situation and takes some time to process the information. Her child will always be able to turn to the greatest person for advice!

Aquarius and Work

The Aquarius woman likes to make something interesting out of her life, so don’t be surprised if she becomes a politician, social worker, or psychologist. She likes to form new theories and loves to research. The Aquarius woman enjoys turning ideas into reality, but day to day repetitive work bores her.

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Aquarius and Friends

The Aquarius woman is a kind-hearted friend. She’ll go out of her way to help out the ones close to her. She loves to see people laugh and enjoys cheering them up. In other words, she feels good when making others feel good. 

The Aquarius woman is the kind of friend who makes life pretty fun when she’s around. She’s spontaneous and when you tag along to one of her adventures, you’ll surely have the time of your life.

Aquarius and Fashion

The Aquarius woman doesn’t follow trends; when fashion says zig, she says zag. She doesn’t mind shocking the system with her choices and she adores bold colors; think electric blue

The Aquarius woman is into eccentric pieces and you’d probably find her shopping at a vintage boutique. Paying attention to detail is important to her, putting emphasis on one-of-a-kind look. She makes a statement with her shoes, hairstyles, and jewelry.
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