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10 Facts About Your Loving and Caring Aquarius Friend

The Aquarian is that one friend in the group always coming up with creative ideas, besides being super friendly and loving, and the Aquarian is also very affectionate. But everyone has a downside, and Aquarian's downside lays in their silence...hurt them and they’ll be patient with you, hurt them again and they’ll leave you forever. Let’s dig in more to know about this interesting sign. Get ready to know 10 facts about the Aquarius personality.

1. Aquarius likes to have a meaning in everything they do in life, even if they’re having fun, be sure there’s a purpose behind it.

2. As we said in the introduction, if you hurt an Aquarius, they won’t talk to you about it, they’ll just take a step back and shut down until they feel like they can talk to you again.

3. Don’t worry, Aquarius forgives, but they never forget how you made them feel.

4. However, it’s very hard on them to stay mad at the people they love the most.

5. If an Aquarius really loves you, then they got your back, you can count on their loyalty.

6. When an Aquarian sets their mind on something, they’ll do their best to achieve it.

7. You’ll never find Aquarius opening up and crying in front of you, they’re too proud to do that.

8. Aquarius loves so hard, only lucky ones end up with an Aquarius.

9. Aquarius likes to make sure that their significant other is happy.

10. Last but not least, when Aquarius falls in love, they’ll never lie to you.

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