Gemini women are very intellectual and exceptional. They mood and energy may be easily interchangeable but they are vivid and full of life and energy. Being in a relationship with a Gemini woman doesn’t come easy, but it sure is worth it. Here are 5 things every Gemini woman needs to have in a relationship.

1. Freedom

Gemini women are intellectual and independent. They also like to explore, so never try to limit their space or be possessive with them. Give them their freedom or go home.

2. Fun

Gemini women get bored easily. So they always need to be doing something fun and new. Traveling is their best activity along with arts.

3. Stability

They need security and stability in their relationships as they are always ready to commit for a long time, if they find true love.

4. Honesty

Honesty is the most important thing to look for in their partner. They need you to be honest and sincere, otherwise it just isn’t worth it for them.

5. Intimacy

Gemini women are can be very intimate in relationships, so they need to connect and be understood by their partner. This needs a lot of talking and prioritizing spending quality time together.

Main Image Credits: Wire Image Via Sounds Like Nashville

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