Don't wonder a lot, certain foods can affect your sex life marvelously! It has been proven that there are types of food that can help you maintain a better sex life. Turn up the love! 

1. Seafood 

Seafood is literally considered the seed of fertility. All the jokes about seafood and sex are definitely there for a reason! Seafood is the keyword, it contains a natural sex drug in it. Eat salmon, oysters and shrimps for a wild night.

2. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are considered the best for a guy's prostate. Besides being the prefect antioxidant, it's the ultimate libido booster for both men and women. Ain't called 'love apples' for no reason! 

3. Nuts 

Go nuts with a handful of nuts! Nuts can provide you with all the energy needed for a stamina like energizer batteries. It's considered the perfect food for sex as it's a great source of amino acids which helps in generating erections. 

4. Watermelon

Spice up your sex life with some fresh watermelon slices. Consider it your natural fresh Viagra and have a minimum of three slices of watermelon per day. A hot evening requires lots of juicy watermelon and some hot sex.

5. Go Green

Green leaves such as spinach and arugula are able to help blood flow to genital parts which stimulates a stronger and a healthier sex. It enhances the lubricant in your genital parts too.