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Post #90: Well... That Was Awkward

Luci ~
2/8/20, 12:00 AM

Alright ladies,

So remember how I said my wedding night started badly, turned to amazing and ended horribly? Well, here is what happened...

After Faisal flipped the whole night around and spoiled me, things took quite an unexpected turn! You see, while we were being intimate together, I thought things were going great, but Faisal seemed to have some, umm, well take off problems. In other words, basically we couldn’t consummate the marriage on our wedding night.

I know… AWKWARD!

I tried to handle the 'situation' in the best way I could, but I think I managed to make things worse. Faisal just avoided me for the rest of the night, he just turned around, gave me his back and said good night.

The next morning, I tried to wake him up in a cute way, showering him with kisses and all, but he got up, walked to the bathroom and didn’t say a word to me. Whenever I would try and talk to him about it, all he’d say is, “Luci we’re really not discussing this.”

I decided I’m going to be the chillest wife ever and give him his space, and not say a word. But, you know me, I didn’t stay quite as cool for long.

The next morning, we got to the airport to head to Cancun for our honeymoon. I was really excited for our trip, but Faisal was being such a party-pooper, I just couldn’t take it, I mean this was our honeymoon after all, we’re supposed to be acting like that cheesy couple, that other people are staring at and are sick of their lovey dovey PDA.

So, as you all expected, I snapped.


Faisal just gave me the saddest look ever, and stared back at the floor, saying nothing.

Me: Fine, I’ll do the talking! Just avoiding what happened last night is not healthy for our relationship, and honestly there is no need to make a big deal about it at all. I mean we had the longest day ever, from getting ready to all the dancing, I mean our wedding lasted till 3 AM! You're reading so much into this, we have amazing chemistry and...

Faisal: Luci! This is a man thing, this is like a bruise to our manhood and ego and it's something you will never understand. I’m dealing with this in the best way I can, trust me!

Me: Yeah? So, you're planning to avoid me our entire honeymoon, and just not come near me?

Faisal: I haven’t thought that far, I’m literally taking this one minute at a time.

Stay tuned for my next post, where I'll tell you what really happened on our honeymoon Saturday at 11:00 AM (Cairo time)!

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Luci ~

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