We all know that running long distances without getting tired is not that easy. However, to all the runners, we’re sharing with you tips on how to run without getting tired, so you can enjoy your morning or evening run and eventually make it longer!

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1. Running shoes

You need to invest in a pair of sneakers that are especially made for running. They'll have a impact on your performance and your feet. 

2. Pre-workout Snacking

Two hours before you head for a run, make sure to have a sufficient snack that contains both carbs and proteins. This will help you run long distances without getting tired and give you the energy for it.

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3. Stretching is super important

Make sure to stretch your legs, knees and feet before you start your run. This will get your muscles ready for the run, therefore helping you run long distances without getting tired. 

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4. Drink water

The most important thing you can do during a workout, is to avoid dehydration. That means, to drink around half a litre of water 2 hours before your workout, and then small sips every 15 minutes during. This will keep you hydrated and you won't feel tired when running long distances.

5. Pace yourself

When running, make sure to start slow, then build up as you go. This will help you run long distances without getting tired, however if you start fast, you will get tired much sooner. 

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6. Breathing is everything

Try your best to breathe regularly while running, as this will help greatly when trying to run long distances and not get tired. Make sure to breathe in from your nose and let out from your mouth.

7. Reduce your speed when you need to

A trick to running long distances without getting tired, is to reduce your speed whenever you need to. Calm down, get your breathing under control, then once you feel like you can, increase your speed.

8. Set goals

When running, try to set some realistic goals for yourself, and achieve them in order to run longer distances. It always seems impossible until you do it. 

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9. Give your body a chance to rest

This is by far the most important tip to being able to run long distances without getting tired. You need to give your body a chance to relax, starting with sleeping at least 7-8 hours a night, so that you can re-energize.

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