Who in this day and age hasn't heard about the benefits on cardio? It is one of the most popular and important forms of exercise to help burn fat, especially if you're on a diet, wanting to lose weight. It also helps build muscle and stimulate blood circulation in the body. A lot of us know some things about cardio, but today we will talk about the things that you don't know about cardio!

What are cardio exercises?

Cardio exercises are among the best activities that you can do on a daily basis. It is done by moving the body and the muscles in order to increase our heartbeat and therefore burn excess fat. Cardio exercises, when done on a daily basis, can help you lose weight, stimulate blood circulation, and build muscle.

Things you didn't know about cardio:

1. Cardio exercises alone do not burn fat

Cardio exercises cannot burn fat the way that you would imagine it to, if relied on alone. It will help you get rid of excess weight and burn fat quickly if you pair it with other forms of exercise, like weight lifting. You will then be burning fat and building muscle.

2. Cardio exercises before carrying weights

A lot of people ignore doing cardio before they go on to carrying weights. This can actually lead to serious injuries like torn ligaments or a muscle strain, because the purpose of cardio is to warm up the muscles before exercise.

3. 'Not eating well before cardio to increase fat burn' isn't true...

A lot of people have been misinformed that eating very small portions or not enough food can help increase fat burn. This isn't true because if you haven't eaten enough, your body will be tired and you will feel fatigued. You should always try to eat a good portion of nutritious food around 2 hours before cardio, so that the body has enough carbohydrates that it can burn to get rid of the extra weight.

4. Cardio will allow you to eat whatever you want

Doing cardio daily can increase your body's metabolism. Therefore, you can eat anything you want, because the exercise will help you constantly lose the excess weight. So, eating more won't affect you as much.

5. Are the effects of cardio easily noticeable? 

After a lot of hard work doing cardio, we all want to see its impact, and quickly. So, if you're looking for quick results, make sure you practice on a daily basis for no less than 30 minutes so you can start to see changes and improvement.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @hbfit