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Seven Water Sports You Should Totally Try This Summer

Fustany Team
6/17/19, 12:00 AM

Every year, the summer heat almost begs us to spend more time in the water and escape the heat of the city. So just go ahead and have a blast by a beach or a pool, where you can enjoy a variety of water sports. You can try anything from surfing to snorkeling, to get you active in or on the water. Above all, these seven water sports I'm about to tell you more about, are fun, they'll get you fit and they'll help you escape the heat of the summer.

1. Surfing
Surfing is a water sport that's is active and addictive, and its global popularity has given rise to new water sports that everyone can try. While having a fun day at the beach you can paddle, ride waves, cool off in the water while having some fun exercises. Surfing takes time to master. It requires balance and patience but falling into the water a few times is worth the payoff. Riding the waves like a pro is a cool way to have fun at the beach. There are plenty of places to learn and start surfing. Make sure to take some lessons if you’re interested, most rental shops can provide lessons or recommend a teacher.

2. Windsurfing
Windsurfing as a water sport is experiencing a revival. Once popular but incredibly difficult, it now can be done by novices who want to give it a try, thanks to modern equipment and teaching. It really is easier than ever to start windsurfing. The board mounted sail combines the fun of surfing with the versatility of sailing. Windsurfing is a must-try for anyone looking to get on the water and have some fun.

3. Paddle Boarding
If you prefer to work out on the water but not get in, stand up paddle boarding might be for you (the cool kids call it SUP). It's embraced by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts, because it is good for your core, posture, and it's a good fun way to show off your beach body. Paddleboarding is a must-try water sport if you are looking for exercise and you're by a lagoon or beach this summer.

4. Water Skiing
The best part about water skiing is when you fall you get a refreshing dunk in the water and it doesn’t hurt. The speedy sport requires a boat to tow you and some specialized skis to keep you standing on top of the water. Gliding on the water is fun to learn and a good workout for your legs and core. Some good balance and focus will get you ready for the glide of your life!

5. Water Polo
No beach nearby? Pool games like water polo get a whole group of people involved without needing to get to a beach. Don’t be deceived, it really is a workout and the exercise will heat you up as the water cools you down. Find a ball that can get wet, like a volleyball and two goals and have some fun. To make it a real challenge, play in a deep pool and tread water the whole time. Let your competitive side out and score some goals; water polo is a fun water sport with friends and family.

6. Snorkeling
Make time for floating with snorkeling! It is the most relaxing of water sports, and the one where you spend the most time underwater. Strap on a pair of goggles, fins, and a snorkel tube in order to breathe and see the beauty of the underwater world. Pick a calm ocean spot to explore, with vibrant fish or a reef and discover the color-shimmering world under the sea.

7. Aqua Fitness


Image Credits: Instagram

It's basically the trendiest water sport right now. Aqua fitness is your regular fitness workout but in water. You either use those floating boards to practice on them or other equipment like fitness bikes. It's super fun and you won't have to worry about staying fit during the summer.

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