Sometimes I wake up with extreme neck pain and think to myself, is it because of muscles stiffness or due to sleeping in a wrong way? Other times after a tiring day of work, I experience both back and neck pain. Fact is, most of us experience neck pain whether it's because of studying, work, wrong posture during sleep or even staring at the phone for too long. Now the important question is, how to get rid of a sore neck? The ultimate solution for you can be these four exercises to relieve neck pain fast...

1. First Neck Exercise

Stretch your neck by moving it in a circular motion clock wise. Repeat the same motion but this time anti-clock wise. At first it might hurt a little bit while stretching your neck, yet the exercise will pull off good results afterwards.

2. Second Neck Exercise

Move your entire head forward towards your chest, in order to stretch the back of your neck, then move it back into place without leaning either downwards or upwards. 

3. Third Neck Exercise

Tilt your head from right to left, by grasping both of your hands around your neck, in order to prevent neck pain during the exercise. Make sure to ease into this exercise slowly, as it might hurt a stiff neck the most. Stop immediately in case you felt sever pain.

4. Fourth Neck Exercise

Slowly nod your head backward, then slightly move it forward, until you feel your neck is stretching.

Please note:

- Make sure to practice one of these exercises every once in a while, in order to feel better quickly.

- Keep in mind that you need to repeat these exercises a couple of times throughout the day.

- Stop immediately in case you felt sever pain during the exercises.

- A heat pack, bottle of hot water or a cloth dipped in hot water can soothe the inflammation of a sore neck and help you ease into the above exercises.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @may.lostinlibrary