First of all let me begin by saying that I do not believe in the 'should or shouldn't' when it comes to fashion. You should be able to express yourself and choose to wear whatever you want and what makes you feel the most like yourself and confident.

The type of job you're applying for is a main factor here. The points below are not for when you're going to a hip/casual office or going for an interview in fashion. It's targeted more towards corporate jobs, very strict and formal offices that require a lot of rules and boundaries and might not understand or be impressed by artistic expression.

There have been a lot of outstanding trends this year, however, being that they were mostly inspired by the '80s, it's safe to say that they might not be very job interview friendly. In an interview like this, it is preferable to stay away from something too distracting, that might have the interviewers attention diverted from what you're saying because... well, those earrings are awesome and to die for.

Take a look below at the 6 trends we think you might want to avoid for a job interview...

Main Image Credits: Instagram @collagevintage2