Figuring out the basics of day-to-day dressing while you're pregnant might seem like a hassle, let alone maternity work wear. If you work in a professional environment, where you have to be dressed in formal work wear, we'll help you with assembling the maternity work wear essentials, clothes that are comfortable as well as office-appropriate.

1. Wrap dress.

The most flattering dress style for a pregnant woman is the wrap dress, as it skims the body perfectly, hugging the baby bump and accommodating it as it grows.

2. Formal black pants.

Try to pick them in a slim fit, as they should work as a base for your outfits. You should be able to wear the pants with different blouses, tops, or even pair them with a blazer. Make sure that the pants have a comfortable elastic band to suit your expanding waistline.

3. Suit Jacket.

This can be worn over a dress to give it a more formal look, or even with a pair of pants if you need to be wearing a suit. If you didn't gain much weight, you should still be able to fit into the suit jackets you already own, since most of the time they're worn open over a shirt or a top.

4. Empire waist top.

Pick a top with a V-neck, as it should flatter your new body shape more. Avoid wearing a fit that's too large, don't be afraid to embrace your baby bump and show it off.

5. Blouse/shirt.

You'll need to have loose fitting blouses/shirts to fit your changing shape. Pick ones with interesting colors and prints to keep your maternity wardrobe chic and stylish.

6. Pencil skirt.

You might find this surprising to be on the list, but actually a pencil skirt will look so cute on pregnant ladies, just make sure it's long enough to be suitable for your work place. Look for ones with a stretchy material, which can take you through several stages of pregnancy.

7. Ballerina flats.

High heels and pregnancy don't make a good combination, that's why you should replace your beloved pumps with some ballerina flats. Once in a while, you can wear heels, but make sure that they're not so high and that you can actually walk comfortably in them.

After you invest in your maternity work wear essentials, you should be able to mix and match, creating different outfits from the key items you've purchased. You should also consider having the proper maternity underwear, it makes a huge difference having well fitted underwear and it's one of the main reasons that will help you stay comfortable.

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