Nail Art Extravaganza: 13 Must-Try Designs for Fall 2023

Engy Elghannam
9/19/23, 11:00 AM

Welcome to the wonderful world of nail art, where creativity knows no boundaries! As we step into the season of fall in 2023, let's get on this journey to discover the latest nail art trends that are making waves in the beauty industry. We will explore the fascinating realm of nail design, highlighting the 13 hottest patterns, techniques, and popular nail designs that are poised to take center stage this autumn. Whether you're a nail aficionado or just looking to have some fun with your nails, get ready to be inspired and uncover the exquisite nail art trends that will adorn fingertips everywhere this fall.

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As the leaves change, so should your nails! 

Discover the 13 freshest nail art trends of the season.

1. The Galaxy Nails

This trend takes inspiration from 2010's galaxy prints but elevates it with shimmery, multi-chrome finishes and rich, jewel-toned colors. You can create a blended, watercolor effect by mixing different shades.

2. The Gothcore Fall Nail Trend

Let me introduce you to a major beauty trend for fall 2023: gothcore. It was a big deal on fashion runways and brought together the dark style of Wednesday Addams and a hint of the early 2000s emo vibe. To rock this trend, you can go for a simple look with completely matte-black nails.

3. The Lip Gloss Nails 

This trend, known as "lip gloss," involves a shiny gold finish over a nude nail polish that matches your skin tone, giving a glossy lip liner effect.

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4. The Trendy Studded Nails 

Studs are making a comeback in nail fashion. You can go all out with studded nails or add stud accents to your neutral nails for a trendy look.

5. The Dark-Red Nails 

Dark-red nail colors are a classic choice for fall. It's a toned-down alternative to gothic black nails, and you have various shades to choose from, like deep-brownish red or berry-toned merlot.

6. Fall Heart Nail Designs

Love is in the air for nails this fall! Get ready to see lots of heart details, whether they come in the form of charms, decals, or hand-drawn designs. You can go for a monochromatic look or incorporate heart motifs into French tips.

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7. Micro-French Nails 

 Ultra-thin lines in a French manicure style make classic nails look cooler, especially with short, squared-off nails. It's a seamless look that's gaining popularity for square nail shapes.

8. The Flowery Floral Nails

Floral nail designs offer versatility, depending on your style. You can go for fun neon flowers or a romantic and demure look. Consider nail wrap or flower stickers for a simpler approach.

9. Natural Lengths for Fall 2023

 Experiment with shorter, natural nail lengths for a chic and timeless look, perfect with a simple neutral shade or subtle designs.

10. The Bubble Nail Trend

If you've been experimenting with gemstones, pearls, and confetti on your nails in the past year, you might want to give the bubble accents trend a try. Your nail artist will likely mix the hard gel with your chosen polish shades to create a raised, almost aura-like effect on your nails.

11. Velvet Fall Nail Trend

Shimmer shades are making a comeback in fall 2023. You can achieve a fuzzy, velvet-like texture with magnetic nail polish and add rhinestones for extra sparkle.

12. Matte Nails for Fall

Matte nails are making a resurgence, especially when combined with chrome elements or embellishments. You can easily DIY this by applying a matte topcoat and adding adhesive rhinestones for contrast.

13. The Cute Light-Pink Nails for Fall 2023

 Embrace "balletcore" vibes with blush-toned light-pink polish. Look for polishes like Essie's Ballet Slippers or Olive and June's Pointe for a streak-free and easy application.



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