Halloween is coming up and everyone's looking for a unique Halloween costume and look that hasn't been done a thousand times before. Halloween nail art is a great way to add a unique touch to your look, that people won't see coming and that you can enjoy for a week. However, we all have different personalities and tastes so here are some Halloween nails for the daring ones, the artists, the low key girls and horror movie fans. 

Halloween Nails for The Daring Ones


If you're looking for wild and dramatic Halloween nails, you can go for these crazy witch nails. You also try out skull nail art designs or bats.  Vampire nail art with dripping blood is also really cool. Also, remember you don't have to stick to one particular design for your entire hand, you can mix and match

Halloween Nails from Horror Movies


Since this holiday is all about spookiness, horror movie fans are in their element. So take inspiration from your favorite movies, like IT, The Nun or Annabelle. 

Halloween Nails for the Low Key Girls


I'm one of the people who is not into doing statement nail art. So when I was looking for ideas, I found some simpler Halloween nails that are still fitting for the holiday but are not as daring. You can try out drawing these cute pumpkins, or simple ghost designs like the ones in the gallery below. You can even ditch the nail art if you want and opt for Halloween nails that are just about the color. Pick shades that are fit for Halloween and you're good to go. 

Halloween Nails for the Artists


If you're an artist and you have incredible skill with a brush, then taking inspiration from nail artist Betina Goldstein is your way to go. You can play around with more detailed and precise looks that are so creative, chic and bound to impress.